M2O SUP FOIL and WING FOIL – Race Information


The FOIL race will take place on Sunday July 21, 2024. REGISTRATION OPEN APRIL 1, 2024. Limited about of entries available that will be allocated based on previous M2O race experience, athletes competing in the Koa Kai Triple Crown, and new athletes to M2O with submitted race experience.

Race Date: July 21, 2024

32+ mile race OPEN to SUP FOIL and WING Foil. SOLO only. No teams as in years past.

The 2024 FOIL race will feature a new course.

  • WHAT Over 32 Miles from Molokai 2 Oahu. (Roughly 36 miles)
  • WHO Open to Solo SUP FOIL and WING FOIL
  • WHERE NEW Race course starting from ‘Īlio Point, the northwest corner of Molokai and finishing at Kaimana Beach outside of windsock
  • WHEN July 21st with an 11 am start

THERE is a limited number of entries with priority to athletes that have raced the M2O FOIL in previous years.  There will be more SUP FOIL entries available than WING and based on 2023 race numbers scaled up to accommodate a safe race.   Due to demand and newly launched triple crown with Paddle Imua and M2M, only solo entries will be available.  The event will allocate 70 spots for SUP FOIL and 30 for WING FOIL at time of registration on April 1st.  The event reserves the right to make adjustments in the allocation based on demand.

The Safety team is requiring all SUP FOIL athletes to have an escort boat.  WING FOIl will not be required to have an escort boat.  However if  WING Foilers opt out of using an escort boat, the athlete will be required to have a personal EPIRB device and VHF hand held with GPS mapping.  In addition, all FOIL athletes are required to be tethered to their boards with a leash.  The race will update any additional safety requirements for FOIL by June 15th.

DOTVISION will be providing GPS support again this year. GARMIN has offered discount codes (35%) to all FOIL athletes interested in purchasing a Garmin InReach or GPS device.  Please reach out to info@molokai2oahu.com for more details.  There is a prompt at registration for additional info regarding Garmin.

Please reach out with any questions at info@molokai2oahu.com.

More info to follow. As they come availbale, please reference general rules and tentative schedule of events.