General Rules

The Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships crosses the Ka’iwi Channel that connects the Islands of Molokai and Oahu. This 32-mile journey across the 2,300 foot deep channel has challenged athletes since the first organized outrigger race in 1952.

  • EACH PADDLER/TEAM NEEDs to have a boat escort.  Be sure to line up your boat early.


(Any violation may result in disqualification or time penalty)

  1. All paddlers must wear official event jerseys (provided) during the entire race, failure to do so will result in an automatic disqualification. Escort boats and boards must have race number stickers (to be picked up at REGISTRATION).
  2. Race packets which include race jerseys, race numbers and stickers must be picked up on Thursday, 7/27 at registration at Duke’s Waikiki from 11am-4pm. If you cannot make it, please advise the race staff at
  3. Teams may only use ONE board.
  4. No drafting after the first 15 minutes of the race. Drafting is defined as being in the wake of a craft or fellow paddler for more than 1 minute in any 5 minute span.
  5. Any assistance from boats other than passing of food or liquids will result in automatic disqualification. The escort boat must be in neutral. NO APPROACH to boat by paddlers with propeller/engine facing the athlete. At NO time during the race can an athlete touch his escort boat. This applies to ALL solo athletes preparing for feed or bottle exchanges. Relay changes are made in the water and never from the boat. This rule is in place for both safety and a no tolerance rule for intentional wake riding. VIOLATION will be a 10 minute penalty for each infraction observed or documented. There will be 12 Official Safety Boats on the water.
  6. JET SKIS or Personal Watercraft are not acceptable escort boats nor can they be used in addition to athlete/team escort boat support. The Molokai shoreline is a protected reef and Jet Skis are prohibited. The race will have permitted PWCs for official race timing and safety at the finish.
  7. Paddlers and Foilers must stay with their escort boat at all times, even in the event of the boat having a mechanical failure. Any attempt to complete the race without an escort boat will result in an automatic disqualification. FOILERS going faster than their escort boats must slow down or safely weave.
  8. The safety of all participants is the top priority. All athlete and boat waivers must be signed and suggested safety precautions must be reviewed.
  9. All paddlers should consider being securely tethered to their boards.
  10. Escort boats cannot fish while escorting. Paddler will be disqualified.
  11. Stand up paddlers must complete the entire race standing up. Kneeling or sitting for more than one minute at a time will result in a time penalty to be determined by race officials. Aid exchanges not included.
  12. You may switch boards in the event of an equipment failure; however you may not change equipment class. In the event of equipment failure, the broken equipment must be presented to race officials to verify the failure, and a time penalty may be assessed.
  13. The race may be canceled if ocean conditions are deemed too hazardous by race officials (no refunds on entries).
  14. All paddlers must attend the pre-race briefing on Saturday, July 29, 2023 at 5:30pm at the Kalua Koi Villas for last minute instructions and input on weather.
  15. Meet on the beach at 6:30am on race morning, July 30, 2023 for final instructions and group prayer.
  16. All racers must be respectful of the rules and property of the entire Kalua Koi complex. THERE WILL BE NO CAMPING ON THE KALUA KOI GROUNDS OR BEACH IN FRONT OF THE OLD HOTEL. There is a campsite at Papohaku Park which is about 3/4 of a mile south of the Kalua Koi area. There is a bathroom and shower, you will need to file for a camping permit with Molokai Parks and recreation. THIS is a great spot with sandy bottom to connect with your Boat Captains and escort boats.
  17. ON the Kalua Koi grounds please stay on walkways and official public access.
  18. PADDLERS must stay with their escort boats at all times and Escort Boats must stay with their paddlers at all times – EVEN if the boat breaks down. ANY ATTEMPT to complete race without a boat will be an automatic disqualification and potential ban from future events.
  19. ALL escort boats must have ship to ship radios (VHF). No handhelds will be allowed. ALL radios must be mounted. RACE officials must be notified at least 24 hours in advance of any escort boat changes.
  20. Any paddler whose boat has not checked in prior to race will not be allowed to start the race.
  21. If you withdraw from the race, you must radio the HEAD OFFICIAL BOAT on VHF 72 and let them know that you are withdrawing from the race. If your escort boats’ radio is broken, then physically check with the HEAD OFFICIAL BOAT, which will be stationed at Port Lock Point after the first finisher comes in.
  22. NEW: Foil escort boats must stay clear of paddlers and escort boats of other paddlers as they start to catch up with the pack. Any waking of a paddler with an escort boat will result in a time penalty.

Molokai Protocol and Good Neighbor Policy


  1. Observe a no wake (less than 5 mph) speed within 500 yards of any shoreline or breaking waves.
  2. No fishing of any type within 500 yards of shore or breaking waves.
  3. No Opihi picking.
  4. No harvesting of lobster, it is out of season from May to August. This is a DQ offense for your paddler.
  5. No camping on private property or non-designated camping areas, including Make Horse Beach. The Molokai Police Department will be sending officers to cite un-permitted camping. Camping is only allowed at Papohaku Beach Park, and a permit form Molokai Parks Department is required.
  6. Please pick up your trash. It would be a great gesture of good will if you could leave Molokai cleaner than when you got there.

The shoreline area will be patrolled by 2 community boats. Any escort boats not complying with the protocol above will be recorded and it’s HA# will be passed to race directors for all events that cross the Ka’iwi channel. All events have agreed to abide by these rules and ban any captains and their boats that do not respect the rules above. PLEASE respect the local subsistence fishing lifestyle of Molokai.

Start Information:

  1. Racers must pick up a DotVision GPS tracker on race morning prior to the start of the event. There will be tables set up near the pool area from 5:30a.m. You will not be counted as a starter unless you have picked up your tracker.
  2. All trackers are water resistant and will need to be secured to the escort boat with clear line to the sky. PLEASE reference info on GPS trackers and stickers attached in the final packet and registration.
  3. PLEASE note that the geo tracking units will track for service and satellites and then in time turn off all LEDS – even though the unit is on. THIS WILL SAVE on battery life. ONCE THE tracker has been picked up athlete will only need to get to their boat and line of site to sky.
  4. You must return the tracker to the timing tent after your race is done. Anyone that does not pick up or turn in their tracker will be considered an unofficial entry. Return tracker at the finish line. There will be a location at the water exit for athletes and also at the boat launch at Hawaii Kai.
  5. Have your escort boat check in on VHF channel 72 by 7:00am to let the safety team know they are present, make sure official boat acknowledges. Remind them of this at when you get your stuff on board.
  6. There will be three starts. The paddleboard (solo and team) start at 7:30am, the SUP (solo and team) at 8:00am and foil at 9:30am. The race starts between two buoys about 150 yards from shore. The start boat will raise a red flag about 2 minutes before the start. He will lower the red flag. The race starts when he raises the green flag. Starter has the right to start the race within 2 min of start time so athletes need to be ready and sitting up on their boards.  The start will also be supported with an air gun.
  7. Race Prayer will be at 6:30am.
  8. Paddleboard athletes need to have equipment off the beach and on their escort boats before 7am on race morning. Escort boats will wait off to the south side of the starting area.
  9. After the paddleboard start at 7:30am, the escort boats will follow behind the final paddler until 30 minutes into the event or until the HEAD OFFICIAL boat gives the OK. The escort boats are then free to support their paddlers.
  10. All racers should try to stay in one line for the first 30 minutes. A scattered start will delay the okay for the escort boats to link up with their paddler. The straighter the line, the sooner your boat can come to you.
  11. SUP athletes need to have their equipment off the beach and on their escort boats no later than 7:30am. SUP escort boats will wait off to the south side of the starting area. Remember the start line is on the North and the loading of boats is on the South side of the course.
  12. After the SUP start at 8:00 am, the team escort boats will follow behind the final paddler until 30 minutes after the start or until the HEAD OFFICIAL boat gives the OK. The escort boats are then free to support their paddlers. Please maintain a straight line as this will allow your escort boat to come to you sooner.
  13. Foil paddlers will start at 9:30 am. All paddlers will be off the beach by 9 am. Loading and staging are the same as the previous starts, Foil escorts will connect with their paddler upon call from HEAD OFFICIAL once the course is safe. Timing of the call could be as early as 5-10 minutes.
  14. In the event of a large south swell, a buoy will be placed off the reef at Portlock Point. All paddlers must keep the buoy to their right. There will be a 20 minute penalty if you do not round the buoy.
  15. ANY PADDLER that has not rounded Kawaihoa Point after 8 hours will agree to be picked up by their escort boat and brought to the finish line. Anyone that drops out of the race must have their escort boat notify the head official boat.


Any VIOLATION OF RACE RULES or Molokai Protocol may result in disqualification or time penalty.

The shoreline area will be patrolled by 4 community boats.  Any escort boats not complying with the protocol above will be recorded and its HA# will be passed to all race directors for all events that cross the ka’iwi channel.  All events have agreed to abide by these rules and ban any captains and their boats that do not respect the rules above.  PLEASE respect the local lifestyle of subsistence fishing of Molokai.