Media Partners

Jianca Lazarus

Photographer | | View Jinanca’s Gallery

Jianca was born in South Africa where she learned to surf at Glen Bay and picked up a camera at age 16. With a self taught eye and a growing passion for photography and video production, Jianca found immediate success in commercial and documentary work. Her love of the ocean drives her to capture amazing moments that define the athlete and their connection to water. A seasoned free diver, Jianca is always first one in to capture “deep” moments in the Molokai channel or chasing the perfect shot on a big day.

Chris Aguilar

Video Producer | Fin Film Company

Chris Aguilar brings a soulful approach to his video production. Under the Fin Film Company, Chris has been shooting the Molokai 2 Oahu race since 2010 and has played a crucial role in capturing the essence of the event for audiences far and wide. With global interest and quite a cast of characters descending on Molokai ever year Chris loves to talk story from behind the lens. These stories become the narration of the pieces artfully created each year to showcase the year in review. He has become the official historian of the event and we wait to see when he will paddle the channel.

Johan Meya

Photographer | | View Johan’s Gallery
As a photographer, Johann Meya’s objective is to capture images that tell a story. It is important for him to share with the audience the unfiltered story of a person, the experience of nature, or the excitement of athletes competing.
At Molokai 2 Oahu Johann found the ability to showcase all three against the dramatic backdrop of the ka’iwi channel. Through the different emotions and movements captured in his photographs, Johann strives to share the fine points in life that are often missed.
Born in Germany, Johann spent much of his childhood living between Maui, Oahu, Florida, Japan and Germany. He considers Maui home and uses his lifelong passion of photography to express his appreciation for the islands. Through photography, he celebrates his Ohana, the Aloha spirit of Hawaii in all its splendor.