2024 M2O FOIL RACE – General Rules

Competitors can choose to race on either a Solo SUP FOIL or Solo WING FOIL.

Stay Tuned for more info on course, safety requirements, wave starts, and overall rules. Excited to have a dedicated day for FOIL and provide a later start, longer course, and more media targeted for FOIL.

If you have any immediate questions please contact the race director at info@molokai2oahu.com

General Race Rules (Draft and Updated 3/31/2024)

Any VIOLATION OF RACE RULES may result in disqualification or time penalty.

  1. All paddlers must wear official event jerseys (provided at no charge) during the entire race, failure to do so will result in an automatic disqualification. Escort boats and boards must have race number stickers. (to be picked up at REGISTRATION)
  2. Race packets will include race jerseys, race numbers and stickers and must be picked up at Registration on Molokai.   Exact times to be confirmed by May 15. If you cannot make it please advise the race staff at info@molokai2oahu.com.
  3. No Teams for 2024 FOIL race.  Any questions or comments reagrding teams please contact info@molokai2oahu.com
  4. No drafting after the first 15 minutes of the race. Drafting is defined as being in the wake of a craft or fellow paddler for more than 1 minute in any 5 minute span.
  5. SUP FOIL will start at 11 am with WING to follow in a separate wave start up to 10 minutes after SUP start.
  6. Escorts boat will be MANDATORY for all SUP FOIL athletes.  OPTIONAL for WING FOIL.  WING athletes not using an escort boat will be required to have a personal EPIRB and VHS handheld with mapping. 
  7. ALL FOILERS will be required to be tethered to their boards with a leash.
  8. THE race may add additional safety requirements within a reasonable time frame for athletes to adhere to such requirements.
  9. Any assistance from boats other than nutrition exchanges will result in automatic disqualification. NO APPROACH to boat by paddlers with propeller/engine facing the athlete. At NO time during the race can an athlete touch his escort boat. This rule is in place for both safety and a no tolerance rule for intentional wake riding.  VIOLATION will be a 10 minute penalty for each infraction observed or documented.  There will be 6 Official Safety Boats on the water.
  10. Safety of all participants is the top priority. All athlete and boat waivers must be signed and suggested safety precautions must be reviewed.
  11. Escort boats cannot fish while escorting. Paddler will be disqualified.
  12. All paddlers must have leash and be securely tethered to their boards.
  13. You must finish with the same board you start the race with.
  14. The race may be canceled if ocean conditions are deemed too hazardous by race officials (no refunds on entries).
  15. All paddlers must attend the pre-race briefing To be confirmed in May. Location and time tbd.
  16. Check in Opens at 9 am on race morning.
  17. ALL escort boats must have ship to ship radios (VHF). No handhelds will be allowed. ALL radios must be mounted. RACE officials must be notified at least 24 hours in advance of any escort boat changes.  ALL BOATS MUST HAVE CURRENT REGISTRATIONS.  DOBOR will be making random checks race day.  The event will be closely monitoried by community patrols and US Coast Guard on race day.
  18. If you withdraw from the race you must radio the HEAD OFFICIAL BOAT on VHF 72 and let them know that you are withdrawing from the race. If your escort boats’ radio is broken, then physically check with the HEAD OFFICIAL BOAT, which will be stationed at Port Lock Point after the first finisher comes in. At race registration we will also have confirmed numbers for head timer and official that can be notified at anytime of a withdraw from the race and or exit race course. More Details to follow based on final safety requirments.
  19. In the event of a large surf or unfavorable conditions for safety, the event may opt to shift the final finish. Mandatory meeting and pre-race communication will highlight any safety changes prior to race start.  More Details to follow based on final safety requirments and final course announcement. 


Any VIOLATION OF RACE RULES may result in disqualification or time penalty.