Hiring Escort Boats

We can assist you in securing an escort boat captain experienced at crossing the channel. We will advise you of the going rate and put you in touch with your captain directly to coordinate any deposits needed for the reservation.

Escort boat captains handle many requests for M2O and other events so please be patient with your request.

All competitors will be REQUIRED to update their boat info online in order to be confirmed on final start list.  


Solo paddlers and team captains must submit escort boat information by July 1st. If you submitted accurate boat info when you registered for M2O, you do NOT need to re-submit the info. Escort boat information can be entered by clicking the blue “View my Events” button on your original registration confirmation email or go directly to https://myevents.active.com/PCHSportsMarketing.  Click “Edit Registration” enter the below boat info and “Continue.” Reach out to joanna@molokai2oahu.com if you have any difficulty.

Be prepared to answer the following questions:

  • Escort boat captain first and last name
  • Escort boat captain cell phone
  • Escort boat captain email address (optional)
  • Escort boat HA number
  • Escort boat description; include length, model and color/special features
  • Escort boat name (optional)
  • Does this boat captain have past M2O escort experience?


Molokai Protocol and Good Neighbor Policy

  1. Observe a no wake (less than 5 mph) speed within 500 yards of any shoreline.  There have been several instances of speeding escort boats almost hitting divers.
  2. No fishing of any type within 750 yards of shore.
  3. No Opihi picking.
  4. No harvesting of lobster, it is out of season from May to August.  This is a DQ offense for your paddler.
  5. No camping on private property or non-designated camping areas, including Make Horse Beach.  The Molokai Police Department will be sending officers to cite unpermitted camping.  There is legal, permitted camping set up at Papohaku Park.
  6. Please pick up your trash.  It would be a great gesture of good will if you could leave Molokai cleaner than when you got there.

The shoreline area will be patrolled by community boats.  Any escort boats not complying with the protocol above will be recorded and its HA# will be passed to all race directors for all events that cross the Ka’iwi channel.  All events have agreed to abide by these rules and ban any captains and their boats that do not respect the rules above. PLEASE respect the local lifestyle of subsistence fishing of Molokai.

 Escort Boat Requirements:

  1. All solo paddlers and team captains are responsible for submitting their escort boat captain’s info online and for submitting the an image of the escort boat’s captain’s boater’s certificate.
  2. All escort boats must be checked in before the start of the race. Any paddler whose boat has not been checked in will not be allowed to start the race. Water patrol will be on-hand to enforce this rule.
  3. Escort boats must have at least one spotter in addition to the captain.
  4. Escort boats must assist any paddler or boat in distress.
  5. All escort boats must have fixed VHF radios.  No hand held VHF radios allowed, this is a DQ offense.  Escort boats must check in with the head official boat on VHF channel one (1) by 7:00, prior to the race start.  Primary channel is 72 after the race start.  Escort boats must confirm connection with their paddler on VHF 72.  Back up channel is 71.
  6. Race officials must be notified at least 24 hours prior to the start of the race of any changes to escort boat information.
  7. All escort boats must meet current United States Coast Guard Standards as defined by the USCG
  8. Escort boats must check in with the head official boat on vhf 72 when their paddler reaches Portlock Point and begins making the turn into Maunalua Bay.

Concerns to discuss with your Boat Captain.

  1. Extra Riders: A helper/Safety Swimmer is helpful. Person must know how to Swim and be Boat Oriented. Rider(s) must Swim Offshore to Board Vessel. Major concern is Liability for extra Passengers on Board. If boat is Big enough to carry extra Passenger an additional Fee may be required.
  2. Transporting race day provision’s : To avoid hauling Provisions on the Plane or Swimming it out to the Boat. Make arrangements to have Provisions go to Molokai on Board your Escort Boat.
  3. Board Transportation Oahu to Molokai: Boards cannot go on planes.  Escort Boats Hawaii has Boats with Racks to Transport Boards to Molokai. Space is limited. Please advise with Escort Boats Hawaii or info@molokai2oahu.com and reserve space. Check with your boat escort boat first.
  4. Obtain a Picture of the boat that will be escorting you and  meet up with your Boat Captain once in Hawaii to Identify what your boat looks like. There will be many Boats offshore at the start and very difficult to identify. You can drop water and provisions to your boat in Oahu or request that your boat load up with water prior to the race. You will be loading your boat from  the shore in Molokai so think about this as you plan what you need.
  5. When contacting Escort Boats of  Hawaii for an escort boat  please give us the category you will be Competing in ie: (Paddleboard / Stand Up, Stock / Open Class, Team Solo) that way we can get you a Boat that Fits your needs.
  6. At the end of the Race, please promptly locate your Escort Boat and collect your  personal belongings. Your Boat Captain will wait up to 15 minutes after you have crossed the Finish Line for you and may have to move the boat as not to create a Boat Congestion at the Finish Line. This is critical if you do not have a helper on board.

Safety Precautions/Things to consider as you organize your support boat

  1. All escort boats must meet current United States Coast Guard Standards as defined by the USCG
  2. Make sure at least one person  in your escort boat is CPR certified and has basic first aid knowledge and equipment.
  3. Make sure the tether to your paddleboard has a quick release feature.  Wear brightly colored shorts and a hat.  Carry or wear a personal flotation device.
  4. Carry a Coast Guard approved personal location device on your person.
  5. Have all persons on your escort boat wear personal flotation devices.  Inspect your escort boat, make sure it is safe.
  6. Carry shark repellent and other anti shark devices on your person or your escort boat.
  7. Make sure your boat has a bullhorn or megaphone so your boat can communicate with you.
  8. Make sure your boat has binoculars, flares, and other emergency equipment.
  9. Meet with your escort boat captain at least three days before the race ( Thursday race registration meeting is a good time).  Discuss the race morning loading plan, all safety procedures, race route, where to meet before the race starts so you can get your gear on board, and how to meet after the race starts.  Make sure the race number sticker is on both sides of the boat in a clearly visible area.
  10. Make sure your boat shows up early enough to get your gear on board.
  11. Make sure you carry your boat captain’s contact info with you at all times on Molokai. This includes, boat description/name, Hawaii phone number, cell phone number, and home phone number and email.
  12. PWCs (personal watercraft ie jetskis) are not allowed on any of the beaches in Hawaii.   Under no circumstances can a PWC beach itself onto any of the Hawaiian shorelines.