The Molokai 2 Oahu PADDLEBOARD World Championships - July 29, 2018

The world's most challenging paddle race
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Thanks to our valued sponsors

Thanks to our valued sponsors

Grounded in Tradition

Paddling has been a part of Hawaiian heritage since early Polynesians navigated thousands of miles of open ocean guided by nothing more than currents, wind and stars. The Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships honors the spirit and accomplishments of these voyagers with the most challenging prone/stand-up paddle race in the world.


Known as foiling, elite athletes will compete for the first world title atop standup paddleboards equipped with hydrofoil technology, which could produce the fastest ever crossing of the famous Ka’iwi Channel.

View Photos from the Race

We’ve posted hundreds of photos from the 2017 event on our Facebook page for you to enjoy and share with your friends!

Race Records

The 20th annual race in 2016 saw epic conditions and new records. View here for the complete breakdown of records from the world’s toughest paddleboard race.

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