Become a sponsor of the Molokai-2-Oahu Paddleboard World Championship and promote your products or services to a community of healthy, active and dedicated consumers in the fastest growing segment of the action sports industry. Please contact: Shannon Delaney | Shannon@molokai2oahu.com | 760-944-3854

First Hawaiian Bank

Presenting Sponsor: First Hawaiian Bank

First Hawaiian is excited to support the Molokai 2 Oahu World Championships Virtual Edition in 2020.   First Hawaiian is Hawaii’s oldest and largest bank: offering personal, private, & business banking services with   exceptional service. First Hawaiian Bank is always looking for new ways to connect with their customers and will  have numerous employees and clients racing in this year’s virtual edition.   Both the bank and the race are marquis institutions in Hawaii and look forward to supporting the paddlers globally and sharing in the beauty of Hawaii and all it has to offer.    


Kona Brewing Longboard Island Lager

Exceptionally Smooth Longboard Island Lager is a smooth refreshing lager fermented and aged for five weeks at cold temperatures to yield its exceptionally smooth flavor. A delicate, slightly spicy hop aroma complements the malty body of this beer.

Dukes Waikiki

You know that image in your mind of Waikiki Beach, the one with Diamond Head in the distance and outrigger canoes in a turquoise bay of warm water? It’s real and it’s here everyday, and always has been, from Hawaii’s romantic plantation era in the early 20th century to the present day. It’s as beautiful and romantic as you’ve always dreamed. Splash, body surf or windsurf, in the warm, turquoise water just below Hawaii’s icon, Diamond Head. You can even experience Waikiki from outrigger canoes – now that’s an experience you just have to take home! When it’s time to take a break, you can just stroll a short distance to some of the best shopping and parks in all of Hawaii.


Patagonia is a leading designer of core outdoor, surf and sport-related apparel, equipment, footwear and accessories. Noted internationally for its commitment to authentic product quality and environmental activism, it has contributed over $47.5M in cash and in-kind donations, has used organically grown cotton in its clothing line since 1996, and has an entire product line that is recyclable through its Common Threads Initiative.

Hawaii Tourism Authority

Hawaii’s state tourism agency, the HTA, uses its research, industry and marketing expertise to develop and implement the state’s strategic tourism marketing plan. Equally important, the HTA is responsible for supporting programs that enhance and showcase Hawaii’s people, place and culture in order to deliver an incomparable visitor experience. HTA and M2O are proud to showcase the best of Molokai and Hawaii to the athlete each year and wish them all a wonderful visit and safe crossing.

Stand Up Paddle Magazine

Standup Paddle Magazine is a publication which features the Adventure, Travel and Destination lifestyle of the waterman thinking outside the box, on the water.  Whether it’s a new venture with a new board across the lake, finding yourself challenging an outer reef or finding yourself in the middle of a downward run miles away from land, we challenge you to find yourself, to educate yourself with the latest equipment and discover new and better techniques to help you become a more educated and strong paddler. Recently released also is the publication Samata, meaning balance. A magazine for women seeking inspiration and balance for the mind, body and soul on the water. The only women’s magazine for women dedicated to the lifestyle of stand-up paddling including health, fitness, gear guide, apparel and fashion.

Ocean Paddler TV

Ocean Paddler TV is an exciting show which features outrigger canoe racing, paddleboarding, canoe surfing and more. You’ll get exciting coverage of all the major events in Hawaii, Tahiti, California and the Pacific, plus training tips and cultural segments of the sportsmen and sportswomen who perpetuate these sports.   Weekly episodes are featured on OC 16 in Hawaii and Universal Sports on the mainland.   We are excited to featured the Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships in September.   Good luck to you all.  www.oceanpaddler.tv


Bluerush is the premier Standup Paddleboarding retail and and event company in Northern California.   At Bluerush we believe that being close to the water is as much about what we are as who we are. Standup Paddleboarding offers us within a moment the opportunity to enjoy with the world of oceans, lakes, harbors, bays and rivers. Just you, just nature, just the way it should be. We also feel the competitive fire burns bright in many of us. That’s one reason that we are one of the biggest promoters and supporters of Standup Paddleboard racing in Northern California.  We are excited to be involved with M2O and provide great service for paddlers locally and interested in racing someday in Hawaii.


DotVision is an innovative French Company that has developed live motion and GPS solutions for sporting events worldwide.   DotVision will provide the event with live online broadcasting of the event for each athlete or team.   Features include unlimited athletes and participants for the event with instant online broadcasting where users can rewind, pause and return to live feeds.   Post race analysis and Social media shares are also built in features.   DotVision is also on the cutting edge of real time motion tracking that will change the face of action sports. Molokai 2 Ohau welcomes DotVision and looks forward to dynamic race day content and added safety.  Each escort boat will be equipped with a tracking device.  https://motion.dotvision.com/

Hawaiian Pie Company

The Hawaiian Pie Company celebrates 4 generations of pie making. The new shop located on the Ewa/West side of Waiakamilo Road honors the Hori family and their legendary pies that first started at Holys Bakery in Manoa. Come and enjoy the secrets of their flakey buttery pies freshly baked daily, available for purchase whole or by the slice. Pies are also available frozen, ready-to-bake, for baking enthusiasts and travelers looking to take something special to another part of the world. Jan Hori is the events PR manager in Hawaii and a paddling enthusiast. Flavor for this month is passion- orange-guava- pear pie. Available only until July 31.

The Paddle League

Welcome to The Paddle League, where we aim to help build a better, brighter and more sustainable future for stand up paddling that benefits everyone who’s part of this amazing community. We’re aiming to help unify, elevate and grow the great standalone events around the world while providing the elite athletes, weekend warriors, brands, fans and media a wider platform to stand on. We are excited to be covering the Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships.


Since 2008 Fin Film Company has produced award winning films and compelling brand and event videos. Everything we make is shot with an eye for detail, edited with the goal of creating connections with people and shot in the highest quality resolution possible. We are not producers, we are storytellers. We are proud to be working with the Molokai 2 Oahu race for over 8 years.


ZYM is a premium quality electrolyte drink tablet that effectively hydrates endurance athletes during exercise, training and competition. At only 8 calories per serving and ZERO SUGAR, ZYM replaces electrolytes athletes lose during activity making natural energy, fresh arms and enhanced performance possible. In addition, its unique effervescent formula allows for quick absorption and settles the stomach during strenuous physical activities.   ZYM is committed to Keeping athletes well hydrated without sugar or calories.   Great tasting flavors included Passionfruit, mango, pineapple grape, strawberry lemonade and more.  


mauilife™ designs and produces lifestyle apparel and accessories for men, women and children inspired by the mauka to makai (from mountain to the sea) island life on Maui.  Founded in 2016 by  Matthew Murasko, his 12 year old son Zane and wife Alane the brand has helped many local companies and variety of Hawaii non-profits showcase their brand and build awareness respectively.  The Murasko ‘ohana are actively involved with Maui Cultural Lands, Paia Youth and Cultural Center, Hawaiian Islands Land Trust, Polynesian Voyaging Society and Surfrider Foundation Maui Chapter to find branding opportunities to create unique revenue models and awareness for iconic programs to Hawaii. Mahalo for checking out mauilife™.

Mile 22

Mile 22 makes innovative products for watermen and adventurers that keep your boards and gear secure. Founder Mike McDaniel started making their flagship product ‘Monster Straps’ in 2010 in his Pacific Grove garage, when he couldn’t find a proper tie-down strap to transport his Unlimited prone boards to races. Demand grew organically, and since then, thousands of pairs have been sold. Monsters are the only tie down you should trust with your SUP, prone paddleboard, surfboard, outrigger, foil board, surf ski or kayak. Designed in California, manufactured to last, with the strongest materials available. Monsters are “The Waterman’s Strap.”

Sonni Honscheid

2020 featured artist is 3 x M2O World Champion Sonni Honscheid creating a piece that resonates with her experience in the channel.   “I have many many memorable moments from the ka’iwi channel.  I will never forget but my first channel crossing and winning my first title stands out over and above.  It is this same feeling that keeps me coming back year after year.  When the surreal global COVID crisis affected the M2O this year I was certainly disappointed but with the enthusiasm and the added reach and excitement for the virtual paddle over the same weekend is exciting.   I hope the art and the opportunity to paddle globally inspires new paddlers to connect with the freedom of being in the water.  


Molokai Outdoors

Molokai Outdoors is a one stop shop that can help with all  your travel needs on Molokai, including transportation, board storage and accommodations.  Airport transfers to Kaluakoi is $11.00 per person with minimum 4 person.   They will be providing board transfers from the harbor with their trailers and trucks.   Please call Clare direct toll free  1-877-553-4477 and from mainland (858) 227-4507.

Wet Feet Hawaii

Wet Feet is locally owned and operated by partners Jeff Chang and Karen Lar Rieu.  The brother and sister team are Kama`aina who grew up nearby and are committed to providing the local community with a quality shopping experience for their recreational needs.  Understanding the water person lifestyle is what Wet Feet is about and searching for the best products is a passion since Jeff, Karen and the staff are avid paddlers and use the goods themselves. Wet Feet is also enthusiastic about promoting the ocean oriented lifestyle.  Encouraging healthy and fun pursuits contributes to a positive effect on the community.  In that regard Wet Feet is also happily involved in community service by supporting local environmental conservation groups, sponsoring beach cleanups and putting on clinics and races.