Board Transportation

Mainland to Oahu Transport

The best option from the mainland is to coordinate with freight company operating out of Long Beach Port.  The event works with both H2O Logistics and ALOHA Freight.  Transit is typically 7 days with a will call option in Honolulu.  Pack your bag as if you were traveling by air and make sure the board is well ventilated.  We recommend bubble wrap and a padded board bag (or a box!).   Be sure to open an airway also for your board to breath!  YOU WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR GETTING YOUR BOARD TO MOLOKAI.  Most escort Boat Captains are available to carry your board to race start.  You will need to have your board there early in the week of July 22 at the latest.

Maui Board Transport

By boat – the Maui – Molokai ferry will not take boards.  There are several boats with racks that can take boards to Molokai.   Boards will need to be delivered on Friday before the race in Maui.  Please contact John (Johnny Mac) MaCandlis at 808-281-6285.  Johnny for reservation and pricing.  The boards shipped from Maui will be delivered to Kalua Koi on Saturday, July 28th.  To get you board from the dock to Kalua Koi please contact Clare at Molokai Outdoors.

If you are racing the Maui to Molokai race we do have the ability to store boards on Molokai for the race.

Please contact Clare for details.

Oahu Board Transport

1. There will not be a trailer shipped from Oahu to Molokai. It is recommended you send it on your escort boat. If your escort boat does not have the capabilities to transport your board safely, you can contact John Benson at, John Benson has boats that have the capability to transport your board to the race sight safely, coordination will have to be done by the racers and Mr. Benson.

If you need board transport to Molokai after this date please coordinate with your boat captain to transport  your board on their boat.  If you need additional assistance please contact

Molokai Outdoors info including race packages go to website:

877.553.4477 Toll Free

808-553-4477 Local

BY BOAT – If your escort boat will not take your board (most won’t) there are a few captains that can are set up to take boards.  These boats have racks so your board should be safe, but, if it is sun sensitive, it should be bagged.  The boards will usually be dropped off at the beach near the Kaluakoi on Saturday, so you need to be sure to arrange the meeting time with the captain.

LJ Benson at or 808-306-4121 to confirm.

Travel Information for Molokai

Please make sure you have your transportation sorted to Molokai.  The flights book fast!  Molokai-Outdoors is an official partner of the race and will be able to help with transportation for all athletes regardless if arriving by air or ferry from Maui.

Molokai Outdoors has set up an online shuttle reservation link to also assist with your shuttle needs upon arrival to Molokai.

Molokai Outdoors is a great resource for all your travel needs and adventures on Molokai Including Board transport.
877.553.4477 Toll Free     808-553-4477 Local