Your 2019 Molokai to Oahu artwork Centered on Go Because you Can

Troy Nebeker is a man with many talents and a heart filled with goodness. His daughter describes him as the ‘golden retriever of people’ and the creative dreamer of all things water. An innovative designer who started Monster & Sea, an ocean and paddleboard centered apparel company that donates money through sales to families dealing with cancer. Troy and his family have been in the trenches and on the frontline of the cancer battlefield but were able to find strength and healing through the sea. The Monster & Sea battle cry is #GoBecauseYouCan.

Monster and Sea was inspired by a morning on the water when there was not much left.   A feeling most paddlers know.  Mentally drained from all that cancer brought into my family. “Honestly – didn’t know what to do.  In those moments when you are at the end of yourself – things become clear. Give back. Make use of the skills you have and do some good and help. Create a brand that inspires people to celebrate being alive, being healthy and being able to step outside and go where the day takes them.”

“The beautiful thing about the water — you don’t need a clock. Somehow dawn takes on a whole new meaning. You want to be up – first in and last out.”

Thank you, Troy for taking the time to share your gifts with M2O

 About Troy Nebeker and Monster and Sea

Troy Nebeker vision of giving back is simple.  Find what you love and derive from that passion to change lives.  The 24-hour paddle is the highlight for many paddlers worldwide.  In 2019 they collectively raised and delivered 155 envelopes of 1000 cash to families dealing with cancer. Teams of paddlers paddle for a 24hr relay. As Troy Nebeker, founder of Monster & Sea and the M&S 24hr paddle describes, “Very simple. A knock on the door, slide it under and walk away. The card inside tells the story…it reads, “There is a community of people who are fighting for you. Our hope is this will give you a moment of peace in this crazy time.” – Lots of love from the Monster and Sea community.  In Troy’s spare time he is a renown graphic artist in the pacific Northwest.  For More info