Joe Vickers loves water – “blue, gray, deep, cold – it doesn’t matter,” Vickers says. The ocean’s life and Ka’iwi Channel’s treacherous waves are the focus of Vickers’ official artwork for the 21st Molokai-2-Ohau Paddleboard World Championships.
For this year’s piece, Vickers captured the essence of entering mid-channel at water level, while depicting the task at hand.  Essentially, the perspective is the paddlers’ view of departing the island of Moloka’i with the vision of O’ahu in the distance.
“Creating the official artwork for this year’s M2O is an absolute honor,” said Vickers. “Everyone shares their experience of being in the channel with waves coming from all directions and keeping their eye on the prize – completing the crossing.”
Known for fun characters occupying his art in the most unpredictable ways, Vickers provides his fans the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the ocean and the feeling we all share with water. Joe is an artist and surfer. Originally from Florida, he moved to California in 2008. His coastal upbringing meant spending endless time as a kid surfing, fishing and diving. Vickers likes to hang out with his wife and daughters, surf and make art.