Registration Overview

The 18th Annual Molokai-2-Oahu Paddleboard Word Championships is set for Sunday, July 27, 2014.   The race crosses the Ka’iwi Channel that connects the Islands of Molokai and Oahu. This 32-mile journey across the 2,300 foot deep channel has challenged athletes since the first organized outrigger race in 1952.

Registration Details and Schedule  ENTRIES OPENED MARCH 15, 2014


  • $250 for  solo
  • $450 for  2 person teams
  • $600 for 3 person team
  • Entry fee includes t-shirt, race jersey, light lunch and refreshments at the finish, and awards dinner. Extra dinners $30.00.
  • Please Submit all Required Forms.
  • Boat and Waiver forms are required, if under 18 years old please submit youth waiver.
  • BOAT CAPTAIN INFO is due by JULY 1st 2014
  • NO ONE under the age of 12 will be permitted to race.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Any questions please contact

Competitors can choose to race on either a traditional paddleboard or on Stand Up Paddboards (SUP), entering as a solo paddler or on a 2 or 3 person team. The solo paddlers can choose to paddle in either the unlimited class (no size limit and with a movable rudder system) or stock class (12 feet or under for paddleboard, 14 foot or under in SUP with fixed rudder). 

Two-man teams man only use stock boards.  Stock class defined as 12 feet or under for paddleboard, 14 feet or under in SUP with fixed rudder.

Three-man teams are geared for the non-elite paddler and teams can use stock or unlimited boards of any length. 

Competitors can choose to race in either the traditional Paddleboard or the Stand Up Paddboard (or SUP)

The first step in entering the Molokai-2-Oahu race is to review the entry forms or enter online as either a team captain, paddler or boat captain. Upon receiving your completed entry it will be reviewed by the race director. 

NEW THIS YEAR -ALL new solo paddlers to the event that have not competed in the M2O race either as a team or solo will be placed in a pool for final confirmation April 15th.  In addition all paddlers that finished in over 7.5 hours in prior race(s) will be placed in the same pool.  Some exceptions may be considered. for example,  based on conditions and gender of the year in question.   The review process and subsequent approval is at the sole discretion of the race director and is  based on the entrants ability to successfully compete and complete the channel as demonstrated by their racing history, recent accolades and current physical ability.   Race director wants to see 10 miles completed in 2 hours.   If your entry is NOT approved you will be refunded in full minus $25 dollars processing fee. If you have any questions regarding your acceptance please contact the race director at

To ensure your entry is accepted and processed, please be sure to fill out the entire entry form, waivers and complete all required information during check out online or on the paper entries. If you are competing on a team make sure to enter all team member names and emergency contact info. Any gaps or incomplete entry information may decline or delay your entry.

BOAT CAPTAIN info and waivers are due by July 1st.  PLEASE be patient with our safety team and escort liasons helping athletes find escort boats.   There are many events that cross the channel before our July race.  Other races take priority through April and May.  They will not start to allocate boats until they know you or your team is officially entered.  

The event will confirm receipt of the entry upon receipt of registration and confirm any immediate questions.  Approval of entry will be confirmed within 2 weeks.   List of final participants will be published on the website the first week of July.

When entering, please consider your support crews. If you need extra dinners and or event shirts you can add those at the time of entering online or with your paper entry.    The event will provide each team with one T-shirt for your boat captain.

Remember: Entries MUST be complete to be considered for registration and approval. Complete registration includes payments and athlete waivers.  Each team or individual will need to have boat escort information in hand before July 1st 2014 and acceptance into race prior to July 1st is not dependent on the boat captain waiver.  HOWEVER – all boat waivers must be received by July 1st.  If you have any questions please email the committee at

PLEASE note that the race has sold out prior to May 1st the past 2 years.