Registration Overview

The 22nd Annual Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships returns on Sunday, July 29, 2018.  The registration window opens Sunday, March 11th, 2018 at 8:00 a.m. Pacific Time (PT) and closes Sunday, March 25th, 2018 at 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time (PT).  The start list will be posted by April 10th, 2018.

Register online

There Are Three Types of Entry:

  1. Qualified Athlete Entry – For athletes who meet the qualifying criteria for the 2018 race
  2. Application for Non-Guaranteed Entry – All other athletes who do not meet 2018 qualified entry criteria
  3. Legacy Charity Entry – 5 tax deductible entries that automatically guarantee entry.  Interested athletes must meet minimum qualifying results.

Note: All 3-person teams will be determined by Open Application.

“Qualified Entry” Criteria

To be considered a “Qualified Guaranteed Entry” you must have met one or more of the following requirements:

  • Qualification based on 2017 M2O results while also meeting the finish time criteria.
  • Overall winners throughout the history of M2O in each category who also meet the finish time criteria.
  • All athletes who have raced M2O ten or more years

The solo categories allocated in 2018 from the 2017 race were based on the following criteria with final allocation based on percentage of athletes entered in the 2017 race for each category and discipline to determine the roll down for qualified athletes 2018:

  • Top 3 overall men PB UL
  • Top 3 overall men PB STOCK
  • Top 5 overall men SUP UL
  • Top 3 overall men SUP STOCK
  • Top 5 overall women SUP UL
  • Top 5 overall women in UL and STOCK PB

Solo age group spots:

  • Age Group winner advanced from age groups with less than 3 participants
  • Age Group top 2  advanced from age groups with less than 5 participants
  • Age Group top 3  advanced from age groups with more than 6 participants

2-person teams:

  • Overall 3 teams advanced
  • Top teams in each age group, mixed and women that were not in the top 3 overall

Finish Time Criteria

Category Board Type Finish Time Criteria
Men’s Paddleboard Unlimited 6:30
Men’s Paddleboard 50+ Unlimited 7:00
Men’s Paddleboard Stock 7:00
Women’s Paddleboard Unlimited 7:00
Women’s Paddleboard Stock 7:30
Men’s Paddleboard 2-Person Team Stock 6:30
Mixed/Womens Paddleboard 2-Person Team Stock 7:00
Men’s SUP Unlimited 6:00
Men’s SUP 50+ Unlimited 6:30
Men’s SUP Stock 6:30
Women’s SUP Unlimited 7:00
Women’s SUP Stock 7:30
Men’s SUP 2-Person Team Stock 6:00
Mixed/Womens SUP 2 -Person Team Stock 6:30

Registration Process for all Qualified Athletes:

All 2018 qualified athletes will be notified via email pior to March 11th with instructions to register. The event will be using our most recent contact list for correspondence to qualified athletes.

  • Online registration opens March 11th, 2018 at 8am PST.
  • NO ENTRIES will be accepted after the registration window closes on Sunday 25th at 11:59pm PST.  Your Entry is only guaranteed until Match 25th.
  • Qualified Athletes will need a password in order to enter.
  • No paper entries will be accepted.  If you need help entering, please contact
  • If you do not register within this window your entry will be forfeited.
  • Application Entry – ALL OTHER ATHLETES AND ALL 3 PERSON Teams

Application Process for NON Guaranteed Athletes

The application window for non Guaranteed entry will open at the same time for all other athletes interested in racing M2O who have not qualified with a guaranteed entry.   Only solo athletes and team captains will need to enter.  All team captains will be asked to list their teammates but teammates will not need to enter until after their respective entry has been accepted.   The non guaranteed entry cost is $25 and is non-refundable. The window for Guaranteed and NON Guaranteed entry is the same.

Registration details for Non Qualified Athletes:

  • Application window is March 11th, 8 am PST and will close March 25th at 11:59 pm PST
  • NO ENTRIES will be accepted after this window.
  • No paper entries will be accepted.  If you need help entering, please contact
  • Athletes can only enter the once.
  • Application Fee is $25.  Non Refundable.
  • An athlete can enter  as a solo athlete or as a team entry.
  • Categories are solo, 2-person or 3-person.
  • The drawing will take place after close of entries and will be announced no later than April 10th, 2018.
  • If you are selected you will be notified and automatically charged for the entry.
  • ENTRIES are not transferable.
  • Any requests to change from solo to team or team to solo are subject to the approval by the race committee.
  • The final start list will be posted no later than April 10th, 2018

Application Process for Legacy Charity Entry

In recognition, both to the demand of the event and the desire to continue to develop a sustainable give back program to the communities and coastlines directly impacted by the event, M2O will be offering 5  Legacy Charity Entries. Legacy entries will be a tax deductible automatic entry to the race.  In addition to the entry this concierge service will also include exclusive product and gear from the event’s sponsors, transport service for paddleboards between the US and Hawaii, board transport within Hawaii, including board delivery to Waikiki post race.  Interested athletes must meet all race requirements to cross the channel.

The recipients of the M2O Legacy program include youth groups on Oahu and Molokai whose mission is to build the sport of paddling, surfing, and strong water skills for all kids, and the parks and waterfronts impacted by the event both from the start on the west end of Molokai and Maunalua Bay Park, where the race finishes on Oahu.   The charities include Malama Maunalua Foundation, Youth in Motion (Molokai), Rell Sunn Educational Fund, and Molokai Community Center (Kaunakakai).

The five Legacy entries will be managed by the date received.  Cost of the entry (solo or team) is a $5000 tax deductible donation to Epic Sports Foundations. Proceeds will be distributed at time of race.   Legacy Entries not used will be allocated back to application entries.  Legacy Entries are not entered at until confirmed with event. All inquiries, including questions and interest can be directed at



The application for drawing will take into consideration the priority of determining the athletes that have met the finish time criteria.   The lottery registration online is divided into either solo or team but please be aware that the event will hold drawings with the following priority.

1 – Past non-qualified M2O finishers who have a past M2O finish time within the Finish Time Criteria

2 – Past non-qualified M2O finishers who have a past M2O finish time slower than the Finish Time Criteria AND lottery entrants with no past M2O race experience.

Please enter accurate history information as it pertains to the time standard and how many  years you have raced the event.    For athletes that have not met the time standard ample space is provided for any other pertinent information on race history.  For example,  Have you paddled the Molokai channel previously on a different craft?

Pricing and Paddler Requirements

  • $375 for solo
  • $750 for 2 person teams
  • $1125 for 3 person teams
  • Entry fee includes t-shirt, race jersey, lunch and refreshments at the finish, and awards dinner. Extra dinner tickets are $40.00.
  • NO ENTRIES WILL BE ACCEPTED after the registration window closes on March 25th, 2018 at 11:59pm.
  • Paddlers are required to submit their escort boat captain info online by July 1, 2018.
  • Athletes under 18 years old must have a youth waiver submitted.
  • NO ONE under the age of 13 will be permitted to race.  NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • ALL paddlers will need to have a comprehensive race history.    If athletes have not raced M2O in the prior 5  years, Race director requests ample information meeting the following benchmark  of 10 miles completed in 2 hours. (UL)
  • Any questions please contact

Entry requirements: The race director may refuse entry to anyone who cannot prove they are capable of paddling ten miles in less than two hours.   The online entry form will have ample space for detailed race history.

Divisions: Paddleboards and Stand Up Paddleboards. Both disciplines will have individual stock and unlimited classes, women’s stock and UL classes, and 2-persons and 3-person relays in stock. Top 3 across the line will be etched on the perpetual trophy.

No Foils will be allowed.


  • All registration is online for 2018.  Boat Captains are no longer required to submit a waiver.  Paddlers must submit boat captain info online.
  • Boat Captains will need to submit Safe Boat Handlers info.  Info and details on how to submit this info will be posted once the final start list if confirmed.
  • No paddlers under the age of 13 will be allowed to race.
  • All athletes under 18 will need to submite a Youth Waiver ( download here )

*Form requires a PDF viewer