2017 Race Results

Solo Paddlers

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Race NumberCategoryCatPLDivPlFnameLnameCountryDivisionSexTime
1PDB UNL M-Overall11MattBevilacquaAustraliaSolo: PB Unlimited Male 29 & UM4:29:20
2PDB UNL M-Overall22DanielShadeAustraliaSolo: PB Unlimited Male 30-39M4:39:19
3PDB UNL M-Overall33MattPooleAustraliaSolo: PB Unlimited Male 29 & UM4:50:46
4PDB UNL M40-49161GeorgePlsekCalifornia, USSolo: PB Unlimited Male 40-49M5:52:44
5PDB UNL M30-39121NicholasFrancoCalifornia, USSolo: PB Unlimited Male 30-39M5:41:18
6PDB UNL M01-2961CameronColeAustraliaSolo: PB Unlimited Male 29 & UM5:09:29
7PDB UNL F-Overall71HarrietBrownAustraliaSolo: PB Unlimited Female OpenF5:14:15
8PDB UNL F-Overall133DanielleMcKenzieNew ZealandSolo: PB Unlimited Female OpenF5:42:59
9PDB UNL Female491LauraPettigrewAustraliaSolo: PB Unlimited Female OpenF7:33:26
10PDB UNL F-Overall92LizzieWelbornAustraliaSolo: PB Unlimited Female OpenF5:25:54
11PDB STK M-Overall41StewartMcLachlanAustraliaSolo: PB Stock Male 29 & UM5:02:43
12PDB STK M-Overall52LachieLansdownAustraliaSolo: PB Stock Male 29 & UM5:08:13
15PDB STK FemaleAbbyBrownCALIFORNIA, USSolo: PB Stock Female OpenF9:59:59
16PDB STK F-Overall392CarterGravesCalifornia, USSolo: PB Stock Female OpenF6:57:19
17PDB STK F-Overall503DjO'BrienCalifornia, USSolo: PB Stock Female OpenF7:36:26
18PDB STK Female562KarenFigueroaFlorida, USSolo: PB Stock Female OpenF8:26:27
19PDB STK Female531JasmineSmithNew ZealandSolo: PB Stock Female OpenF8:08:20
20PDB STK F-Overall201MadisonSpencerAustraliaSolo: PB Stock Female OpenF6:06:24
21PDB STK M40-49312MattSackHawaii, USSolo: PB Stock Male 40-49M6:35:32
23SUP STK M-Overall81JoshRiccioFlorida, USSolo: SUP Stock Male 29 & UM4:36:45
24PDB UNL M50-99141RochFreyCalifornia, USSolo: PB Unlimited Male 50+M5:48:23
25SUP STK M-Overall153TomoyasuMurabayashiJapanSolo: SUP Stock Male 30-39M5:25:03
26SUP UNL F-Overall143AnnabelAndersonNew ZealandSolo: SUP Unlimited Female OpenF5:16:49
27SUP UNL F-Overall132TerreneBlackAustraliaSolo: SUP Unlimited Female OpenF5:16:10
29SUP UNL Female361KiyomiSheppardJapanSolo: SUP Unlimited Female OpenF6:53:28
30SUP UNL Female473TomoeYasuJapanSolo: SUP Unlimited Female OpenF7:29:43
32SUP UNL M-Overall11TravisGrantAustraliaSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 30-39M3:59:52
33SUP UNL M-Overall22ConnorBaxterHawaii, USSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 29 & UM4:03:46
34SUP UNL M01-2941JamesCaseyAustraliaSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 29 & UM4:16:06
35SUP UNL M01-2952VinniciusMartinsBrazilSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 29 & UM4:18:52
36SUP UNL M01-2963LincolnDewsAustraliaSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 29 & UM4:20:46
37SUP UNL M01-2974KodyKerboxHawaii, USSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 29 & UM4:23:18
38SUP UNL M-Overall33TitouanPuyoNew CaledoniaSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 29 & UM4:14:05
40SUP UNL M50-59312KevinHorganHawaii, USSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 50-59M6:28:12
41SUP UNL F-Overall101PenelopeStricklandNEW ZEALANDSolo: SUP Stock Female Open changedF4:52:32
42SUP STK F-Overall401SiriSchubertSwitzerlandSolo: SUP Stock Female OpenF7:10:02
43SUP UNL Female392JoanneHamilton-ValeGreat BritainSolo: SUP Unlimited Female OpenF7:08:19
44PDB STK M50-995MikeAbbottNEW ZEALANDSolo: PB Stock Male 50+M8:08:17
45SUP STK M50-99372JohnAlexiouCalifornia, USSolo: SUP Stock Male 50+M7:01:05
47PDB STK FEMALEJulianaBahr-ThomsonAUSTRALIASolo: PB Stock Female OpenF8:04:23
48PDB STK M18-29234PeterBalding IIIHawaii, USSolo: PB Stock Male 29 & UM6:16:07
49SUP UNL M50-59413MichaelBennettHawaii, USSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 50-59M7:15:17
51PDB STK M18-29438JakeBrackenAustraliaSolo: PB Stock Male 29 & UM7:07:11
52PDB STK M18-29306FosterCampbellCalifornia, USSolo: PB Stock Male 29 & UM6:35:23
53PDB STK M40-49261AnthonyCarrollAustraliaSolo: PB Stock Male 40-49M6:27:38
54SUP UNL M60-99191JeffreyChangHawaii, USSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 60+M5:37:54
55PDB STK M50-99361MichaelCheapeHawaii, USSolo: PB Stock Male 50+M6:46:31
56SUP UNL M40-49503RicardoChiariPanamaSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 40-49M8:02:10
57PDB STK M30-39241RyanClarkAustraliaSolo: PB Stock Male 30-39M6:23:39
58PDB STK M-Overall83CameronCoghlanAustraliaSolo: PB Stock Male 30-39M5:15:14
59PDB STK M40-49374AlbanCornicFranceSolo: PB Stock Male 40-49M6:48:13
61PDB UNL M01-29193HarrisonCrouchAustraliaSolo: PB Unlimited Male 29 & UM6:05:51
62SUP STK M30-39432BelarDiazSpainSolo: SUP Stock Male 30-39M7:16:11
63PDB UNL M30-39224EvanDuffin-BarnesHawaii, USSolo: PB Unlimited Male 30-39M6:14:58
64SUP STK M-Overall122LudovicDulouFranceSolo: SUP Stock Male 40-49M5:14:37
65SUP STK M30-39464GarethEdwardsGreat BritainSolo: SUP Stock Male 30-39M7:18:12
66PDB STK M18-29172JoelErskineAustraliaSolo: PB Stock Male 29 & UM6:00:26
67SUP UNL M60-99444BradFeldmanHawaii, USSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 60+M7:16:58
68SUP UNL M40-49201FranckFifils?GuadeloupeSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 40-49M5:43:58
69PDB STK M18-29183WilliamFogartyAustraliaSolo: PB Stock Male 29 & UM6:05:25
70PDB STK M18-29357DanielGrothuesNew Jersey, USSolo: PB Stock Male 29 & UM6:43:12
71SUP STK M40-49DanaHartFLORIDA, USSolo: SUP Stock Male 40-49M9:59:59
72PDB STK M30-39527DaneHeaysmanAustraliaSolo: PB Stock Male 30-39M7:48:12
73PDB UNL M01-29102JacobHelsonAustraliaSolo: PB Unlimited Male 29 & UM5:32:22
74PDB STK M50-99423JohnHicksHawaii, USSolo: PB Stock Male 50+M7:04:48
75SUP UNL M30-39233ChrisHuerbschPANAMASolo: SUP Stock Male 30-39M6:00:17
76PDB STK M30-39548JoshuaJacksonHawaii, USSolo: PB Stock Male 30-39M8:22:05
77SUP STK M40-49181PaulJonesAustraliaSolo: SUP Stock Male 40-49M5:36:44
78SUP UNL M01-29115TyJudsonAustraliaSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 29 & UM5:09:48
79PDB STK M50-99484DavidKalwickHawaii, USSolo: PB Stock Male 50+M7:23:48
80SUP UNL M30-39427RobKavcicCanadaSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 30-39M7:15:28
81SUP UNL M60-99242BuzzyKerboxHawaii, USSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 60+M6:01:00
82SUP STK M30-39271JamesKnowlesAustraliaSolo: SUP Stock Male 30-39M6:11:28
83PDB STK M30-39516WesleyLonerganAustraliaSolo: PB Stock Male 30-39M7:40:46
84PDB STK M30-39444JohanLooHawaii, USSolo: PB Stock Male 30-39M7:11:43
85PDB UNL M40-49342GeorgeLorenCalifornia, USSolo: PB Unlimited Male 40-49M6:38:42
86PDB STK M50-99382DeonLourensCalifornia, USSolo: PB Stock Male 50+M6:53:24
87PDB STK M30-39475SamMackieHawaii, USSolo: PB Stock Male 30-39M7:20:00
89PDB STK M30-39323TufferMarsolekCalifornia, USSolo: PB Stock Male 30-39M6:35:48
90SUP UNL M40-49222JamesMartindaleHawaii, USSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 40-49M5:58:18
91SUP STK M40-49335NaokiMarutaniJapanSolo: SUP Stock Male 40-49M6:44:09
92SUP UNL M30-39172KosukeMatsuyamaJapanSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 30-39M5:28:13
93SUP UNL M30-39356LeeMcLeanAustraliaSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 30-39M6:51:28
94SUP UNL M50-59301ScottMcPhailHawaii, USSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 50-59M6:26:43
95SUP STK M50-99494AndrewMencinskyCalifornia, USSolo: SUP Stock Male 50+M7:39:03
96PDB STK M40-49416DanMichalukCanadaSolo: PB Stock Male 40-49M6:58:46
97PDB STK M40-49333CoreyOliverAustraliaSolo: PB Stock Male 40-49M6:38:02
98SUP STK M40-49386DanielParres PuertoSpainSolo: SUP Stock Male 40-49M7:07:22
99SUP STK M40-49294AdamQuandtVirgin IslandsSolo: SUP Stock Male 40-49M6:19:07
100PDB UNL M30-39295RyanQuickAustraliaSolo: PB Unlimited Male 30-39M6:33:36
101SUP STK M30-39453JorgeQuintanaPuerto RicoSolo: SUP Stock Male 30-39M7:17:48
102PDB STK M30-39282AndrewReidAustraliaSolo: PB Stock Male 30-39M6:33:09
103PDB STK M40-49457StevenRobertsAustraliaSolo: PB Stock Male 40-49M7:14:40
104PDB UNL M30-39152MarcRocheleauHawaii, USSolo: PB Unlimited Male 30-39M5:49:56
105SUP UNL M01-29166NicoSchenkSWITZERLANDSolo: SUP Stock Male 29 & U changedM5:27:54
106SUP UNL M30-39325WilsonSchmidtCalifornia, USSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 30-39M6:37:46
107PDB UNL M01-29254PatrickShaughnessyCalifornia, USSolo: PB Unlimited Male 29 & UM6:26:07
108PDB STK M40-49405SteveShlensCalifornia, USSolo: PB Stock Male 40-49M6:58:09
110PDB UNL M30-39213KyleSmithCalifornia, USSolo: PB Unlimited Male 30-39M6:13:26
111SUP STK M40-49212RobertStehlikHawaii, USSolo: SUP Stock Male 40-49M5:44:28
112SUP STK M40-49263JasonStephensHawaii, USSolo: SUP Stock Male 40-49M6:09:04
114SUP STK M50-99483TerryStevensVirgin IslandsSolo: SUP Stock Male 50+M7:38:28
115PDB STK M18-29111HarrisonStoneAustraliaSolo: PB Stock Male 29 & UM5:39:04
116PDB STK M18-29275CallumSuttonAustraliaSolo: PB Stock Male 29 & UM6:32:05
117PDB STK M40-49468KellyTam SingHawaii, USSolo: PB Stock Male 40-49M7:19:45
119SUP UNL M30-3991MarcusTardrewAustraliaSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 30-39M4:36:46
120SUP UNL M30-39254WillTaylorCalifornia, USSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 30-39M6:07:18
121SUP STK M50-99515IvanTrentVirginia, USSolo: SUP Stock Male 50+M9:35:33
122SUP UNL M60-99343ChikaraTsumuraJapanSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 60+M6:50:36
123PDB UNL M30-39556PatrickWinklerBrazilSolo: PB Unlimited Male 30-39M8:24:35
124SUP STK M50-99281CraigWinnettSINGAPORESolo: SUP Stock Male 50+M6:16:44

2-Person Teams

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Race NumberCategoryCatPLDivPlTeamCountryDivisionSexTime
201PDB STK 12' Team 2 M01-792511Cambra/BotzWashinton, US2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 79 & UM8:46:48
202PDB STK 12' Team 2 Mixed235Cheng/WelchHawaii, US2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Mixed OpenX7:49:15
203SUP STK 14' Team 2 Female71Claydon/AlexiouHawaii, US2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Female OpenF5:33:07
204PDB STK 12' Team 2 M01-7954Collopy/CollopyAustralia2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 79 & UM5:49:07
205PDB STK 12' Team 2 Mixed152Diasparra/KuikenCalifornia, US2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Mixed OpenX7:06:58
206PDB STK 12' Team 2 M01-7933Di Betta/CosgroveAustralia2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 79 & UM5:37:25
207SUP STK 14' Team 2 Mixed112Ellis/MorrisCalifornia, US2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Mixed OpenX6:14:40
208PDB STK 12' Team 2 Mixed224Faria/PerinBrazil2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Mixed OpenX7:47:41
209PDB STK 12' Team 2 M01-7986First/ParuchaCalifornia, US2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 79 & UM6:01:23
210PDB STK 12' Team 2 Mixed203Garcia/TrebilcockCalifornia, US2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Mixed OpenX7:23:01
211PDB STK 12' Team 2 M01-7922Gaul/LouisHawaii, US2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 79 & UM5:18:35
212SUP STK 14' Team 2 M80-9991Gittoes/AnidoAustralia2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Male 80-99M6:03:08
214SUP STK 14' Team 2 M80-99143Gomez/WaynarCalifornia, US2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Male 80-99M6:29:53
215PDB STK 12' Team 2 M100+92Hill/BaylissAustralia2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 100+M6:02:12
216PDB STK 12' Team 2 M01-7975Holmes/AddisonCalifornia, US2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 79 & UM5:56:07
217PDB STK 12' Team 2 M01-792110Horton/HortonCalifornia, US2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 79 & UM7:26:08
218SUP STK 14' Team 2 M01-7965Hoyer-Nielsen/WalshCalifornia, US2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Male 79 & UM5:31:42
219PDB STK 12' Team 2 M100+164Jackson/BuckinghamCalifornia, US2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 100+M7:13:39
220SUP STK 14' Team 2 M100+194Jefferys/ElliottAustralia2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Male 100+M7:05:18
221SUP STK 14' Team 2 M01-7943Jonsson/CerdasHawaii, US2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Male 79 & UM5:21:15
222SUP STK 14' Team 2 M01-7954Kai Binney/BinneyHawaii, US2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Male 79 & UM5:25:25
223PDB STK 12' Team 2 Mixed246Kealley/HenleyAustralia2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Mixed OpenX8:01:11
224SUP STK 14' Team 2 Mixed133Kelso/FittPanama2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Mixed OpenX6:26:14
225SUP STK 14' Team 2 M100+121Klemawesch/KlemaweschFlorida, US2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Male 100+M6:24:06
226PDB STK 12' Team 2 F Open171Lang/HartlandVirginia, US2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Female OpenF7:15:26
227SUP STK 14' Team 2 Mixed31Lee/JaggersHawaii, US2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Mixed OpenX5:20:05
228SUP STK 14' Team 2 M01-7922Logreco/FreitasHawaii, US2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Male 79 & UM4:31:18
229SUP STK 14' Team 2 Mixed154Mawae/MawaeHawaii, US2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Mixed OpenX6:43:25
230PDB STK 12' Team 2 M01-79118Merrill/SmithCalifornia, US2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 79 & UM6:29:01
231PDB STK 12' Team 2 M01-79129Nishiyama/MaboJapan2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 79 & UM6:39:33
232PDB STK 12' Team 2 M80-99182Pederson/RyanCalifornia, US2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 80-99M7:17:41
233PDB STK 12' Team 2 M01-7911Pflueger/DelahuntyHawaii, US2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 79 & UM5:17:27
234SUP STK 14' Team 2 Mixed185Prado/PradoEcuador2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Mixed OpenX7:02:26
235PDB STK 12' Team 2 M80-99131Romym/HamAustralia2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 80-99M6:48:49
236PDB STK 12' Team 2 M80-99193Schulbach/KembleCalifornia, US2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 80-99M7:21:50
237SUP STK 14' Team 2 M01-7911Schweiger/RoedigerHawaii, US2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Male 79 & UM4:23:27
238SUP STK 14' Team 2 M80-99102Scully/PattersonVermont, US2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Male 80-99M6:06:48
239PDB STK 12' Team 2 M100+61Taylor/WongHawaii, US2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 100+M5:51:47
240PDB STK 12' Team 2 M100+143Thorndike/BrownHawaii, US2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 100+M6:59:05
241SUP STK 14' Team 2 M100+173Tierney/GallagherCalifornia, US2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Male 100+M6:59:58
242PDB STK 12' Team 2 M01-79107Tillotson/TillotsonHawaii, US2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 79 & UM6:21:27
243SUP STK 14' Team 2 M100+162Willis/MonizHawaii, US2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Male 100+M6:52:42
244PDB STK 12' Team 2 Mixed41Bark/HazelriggCalifornia, US2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Mixed OpenX5:46:05
245SUP STK 14' Team 2 Female82Moller/BlishBrazil2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Female OpenF5:36:44

3-Person Teams

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Race NumberCategoryCatPLDivPlTeamCountryDivisionSexTime
301PDB Team 3 Male33Abbey/Tasaki/AbbeyHawaii, US3-Person Team: PB Male OpenM7:36:33
303SUP Team 3 Male55Bevan/Blackwell/BlakeAustralia3-Person Team: SUP Male OpenM5:56:00
304PDB Team 3 Male44Delahunty/Corbett/BeerAUSTRALIA3-Person Team: PB Male OpenM8:06:47
305SUP Team 3 Male44Fong/Makua/PerkinsHawaii, US3-Person Team: SUP Male OpenM5:46:40
306PDB Team 3 Male22Gallemore/Drinkward/JonesCalifornia, US3-Person Team: PB Male OpenM7:09:32
307SUP Team 3 Male22Huxley/Gregory/SiffordAustralia3-Person Team: SUP Male OpenM4:55:01
308SUP Team 3 Mixed72Kalmach/Darbyshire/WelchHawaii, US3-Person Team: SUP Mixed OpenX6:24:59
309SUP Team 3 Male33Mello/Alderman/SchaaySouth Carolina, US3-Person Team: SUP Male OpenM5:28:49
310PDB Team 3 Male11Morel/Garcon/Leal-BrotonsFrance3-Person Team: PB Male OpenM7:04:31
311SUP Team 3 Male11Hobey/Bicrell/DeisrothHawaii, US3-Person Team: SUP Male OpenM4:48:50
312SUP Team 3 Mixed61Pugh/Upton/VaineCalifornia, US3-Person Team: SUP Mixed OpenX6:21:44
314SUP Team 3 Male86Thomas/Lam/MorganHawaii, US3-Person Team: SUP Male OpenM6:34:16