1. Hydrate: just in case you missed the memo – it is hot in Hawaii. You are going to need to stay hydrated. Shoot for 16 ounces of fluid per hour as a minimum. 24 ounces per hour is better if you can handle it.  Drink according to time (e.g. drink every 15 minutes) and do not even think about waiting till you are thirsty. 

2. Electrolytes: you are going to lose electrolytes in your sweat. Sodium is the big one you need to worry about. Licking your lips to get some seawater won’t do the trick. You are going to need to supplement sodium and other electrolytes. Here is the long story: http://www.ridingbumps.com/2013/07/12/sup-nutrition-sodium-supplementation-for-the-endurance-paddler/

3. Start eating early. Don’t wait till you are hugry or thirsty. Always remember:  Consuming a given amount of carbohydrate after two hours of exercise is not as effective as consuming the same amount at 15 to 20 minute intervals during the first two hours of activity. Here is the full story http://www.ridingbumps.com/2013/06/06/sup-race-nutrition-when-do-i-fuel-during-my-sup-training-sessions/

4. Have a caffeine strategy (if you use caffeine anyway): Many paddlers use caffeine in one form or another during big races like Molokai2Oahu. Too little and you miss out on some of the benefits. Too much and you might see some negative effects of caffeine supplementation. Shoot for 3-6 mg/kg. One strategy is to begin caffeine supplementation about 1/2 way though the race. Here is the full story: http://www.ridingbumps.com/2014/06/11/caffeine-strategy-for-sup-and-prone-paddle-racing/

5. Total calories: You are going to need to fuel if you want to get across the channel. 250 calories/ hour is a minimum. Here are some strategies you can use to get in your calories: http://www.ridingbumps.com/2014/05/16/nutrition-strategies-using-carbo-pro-for-the-sup-and-prone-paddle-racer/

6. Get up 2 hours before the race and get in 1000 calories: you are going to need more than you take in while you are paddling. Get up well before the race and chow down. Grabbing a banana or a muffin before you begin is a recipe for disaster.

7. Practice your nutrition before coming to Molokai: Molokai2Oahu is still a few weeks away. You should have some more long paddles planned before the race. Practice whatever it is your are going to be doing on race day. 

8. Pre pack individual zip locks: with the amount of powder you will need in each water bottle or Camelbak. You do not want to have your support team trying to weigh out or measure powder on the boat. You really do not want them eyeballing things. If they get it wrong you could get GI upset if your hydration or  nutrition is not formulated properly. Bring a dry bag to keep the items you bring to Molokai dry on the boat.

9. Bring several extra water bottles if you are doing prone and at least one extra camelbak if you are doing SUP

10. Anti-emetic: Bring bonine (meclazine) if you are prone to seasickness. Some athletes take ½ dose. Your sherpa may need them too. Better safe than sorry 

This article originally appeared on RidingBumps.com – Competitive Paddleboard and Sup Race Training.