Travel and Accommodations

All Molokai Visitors – Please make sure to read the following important information to make the most of your stay on Molokai.

Travel Information for Molokai
Please make sure you have your transportation sorted to Molokai.  The flights book fast!  Molokai-Outdoors is an official partner of the race and will be able to help with transportation for all athletes – regardless if arriving by air or ferry from Maui.  Molokai Outdoors is a great resource for all your travel needs and adventures on Molokai.
877.553.4477 Toll Free     808-553-4477 Local

  1. Bring a pre-race breakfast, there are no restaurants near the Kalua Koi resort complex.  DINNER Saturday night will be offered to all paddlers for $10.  Please plan for this. There will be no tickets sold for this.  Please be prepared to pay in cash to the caterers.
  2. The Kalua Koi Hotel will be closed. The race will be headquartered at the Kalua Koi Villas, 808 552 2721 or 800 367 5004.   Molokai Vacation rentals will assist in any needs you have for accommodations. They sell out quickly.  Please contact  Dayna at Molokai Vacation Rentals toll free at 800-367-2984 or direct at 808-553-8334 .    Information can be found at  
  3. Molokai Outdoors is our official partner on Molokai for all your transportation and activities on Molokai.    They can be reached at or toll free at 1-877-553-4477 or local number 858-227-4507.  Clare is a huge supporter of the event and can help with a number of requests on logistics.
  4. THERE WILL BE NO CAMPING on the beach or on the old hotel property.    PLEASE respect this requirement from the hotel property and RESPECT all public access to the beach.   THERE will be a campsite set up at PAPOHAKU park which is about ¾ of mile south of the Kalua Koi area. There is a bathroom and shower there as well as a large EZ up tent for shelter.   WE will have a shuttle running from the campsite to the dinner and the race morning.    Shuttle is scheduled on Saturday to pick up paddlers at 12,2 and 4pm at the park and return athletes at 8pm.   Race morning there will be a shuttle to pick up paddlers at 6am.   Shuttles are not equipped to carry boards.  PLEASE plan accordingly.  
  5. PLEASE NOTE that Papohaku Park is the best spot for boats to anchor for the Saturday night.  It’s a large beach with sandy bottom.   WE URGE ALL PADDLERS staying at the campsite to have their escort boat  meet them there Sunday morning to load and transfer to the start.   THERE WILL BE NO BOATS ALLOWED TO ANCHOR IN FRONT OF THE KALUAKOI RESORTS.   The shores surrounding the resort are protected reefs.  PLEASE MAKE SURE YOUR BOAT CAPTAINS ARE AWARE OF THIS.  
  6. Taxi service from the airport to the Villas and Papohaku is available (they are not equipped to get your board to the hotel). Call 808-553 4477 to make arrangements (e-mail  There is also a shuttle (Hele Mai – 808 336 0967) that leaves about every hour. If you have a party of 4 the cost is 11.00/person. You may need to call if the shuttle is not there.  Molokai Outdoors (858-227-4507 or Toll free 877-553-4477) can also provide shuttle service at $11 per person minimum 4 persons.   Molokai Outdoors will help with board transfer.  
  7. Pre race meeting is at 5:30 p.m. on 7/28/12 at the area in back of the of the Kalua Koi Villas office.
  8. Dinner will be offered to everyone Saturday night July 28th for $10.  Please pay in cash to the caterers – this includes all paddlers.


Board Transport from Oahu to Molokai

The week before we will have a trailer being shipped over to Oahu.   There will be a charge for the board transport to Oahu.  Please contact  Clark  Abbey.  Clark can be reached at or call him direct at 808 347 3347.

For athletes traveling into Hawaii after this ship date.  Please coordinate with your escort boat if possible to send your board over when they head to Molokai.  If you need assistance please email us at


Board transport from Maui to Molokai

There will be more info regarding the transport of boards to Molokai from Maui.   Many of the Oahu athletes will be racing the Maui Championships the week before and the event is exploring how to get boards to both Maui and Molokai for both events.

If you are racing the Maui to Molokai race we do have the ability to store boards on Molokai for the race.     Please contact to reserve storage on Molokai or for your transportation needs on Molokai. 

 Rate guide as follows for reservations made in advance to arrival:

 $12 p/p min 4 persons from town area or airport to Kaluakoi resort (each way)

$20 package from Kaunakakai – includes board and person.

$25 package from Kamalo– includes board and person.

RACE MORNING Pick ups to have athletes at the start by 6:30am. 

$15 p/p min 4 from town area to Kaluakoi resort (one way). 

Boards will be left at race start on Saturday.  Morning rides to race start preferably no boards.


Please email Clare a to make reservations.