Entry/Registration FAQs

When does the application for lottery open and close?

The 2018 Molokai 2 Oahu Paddleboard World Championships registration window opens Sunday, March 11, 2018 at 8am PST and closes on Sunday, March 26th, 2018 at 11:59pm PST.  Links to both the application for drawing and the registration for guaranteed athletes will be on the home page at www.molokai2oahu.com once registration is officially open.  Registration will be handled on Active.com.

Can anyone sign up for the event? What kind of race history is needed?

The race committee asks that only athletes that have met the minimum race time criteria or has ample race history to evaluate the athlete’s ability to cross the channel.  At very minimum athletes must be able to show that they can paddle 10 miles in 2 hours for UL boards.   The channel is heavy and only for an advanced paddler.  There will be ample space on entry to provide race history.  Please do not be brief.  Any questions – please contact info@molokai2oahu.com.  The race committee has the right to question or deny entries in the Open Application.

When will the drawing take place?

The drawing will take place after registration closes  March 26th and the start list will be posted no later than April 15th.  All athletes who are accepted will be notified and charged their entry automatically.

Can I make an application for drawing for both solo and team?

Athletes can only enter the race once.   A team captain will be asked for teammate names at time of registration for both qualified entries and lottery.   Teammates will not need to officially enter and sign waivers online until after the lottery drawing upon closure of registration March 26th.

ONLY the solo athlete or the team captain will need to enter the drawing for all non guaranteed athletes in the race.   Once accepted to race, any changes from solo to team or team to solo must be reviewed and approved by race committee.  If accepted, the solo athlete with confirmed entry will need to be on the final team.

If I am denied a spot will I get priority next year?

Because of an increase in demand for race entry, we cannot give priority to athletes denied this year priority into 2019.  We are reviewing how to grow the event and will consider looking at a “Three Times Denied” provision. This method of entry would not be guaranteed in 2019 but we will review based on wait list athletes from 2016-2018.

If I get in and am unable to race can I defer my entry into the following year? What is the cancellation policy?

M2O does not allow paddlers to defer their paid entry into the following year’s Molokai 2 Oahu Race.   The cancellation policy is partial refund through May 15th.    To cancel athlete must notify the race committee by May 15th at info@molokai2oahu.com.  The refund will be the amount of entry minus a $100 service fee.  After May 15th, there are no refunds.

Will there be a priority to solo over teams? Are my chances better as a solo in getting in?

The exact number of entries available will depend on the final entries from all qualified athletes.  All unused guaranteed entries will roll into the lottery.   The SUP and PB solo and team lotteries will be separate so the event will be balanced with the depth of the 2016 race for both disciplines.  There will be a limited number of 3-person teams selected and the event recognizes that the solo and 2-person team categories make up the bulk of the event. Event is also aware of the growth of the women’s category.  With a record number of pull outs in 2016 prior to July race the race committee pushed registration out a month and will accept a larger number of athletes in anticipation of athletes pulling out due to injury and other conflicts.

Can I remove my name from the drawing? I can’t race for personal reasons and don’t want to be accepted and charged an entry.

Yes, you can remove your name from the lottery before the final drawing.  You can contact the race at info@molokai2oahu.com prior to April 6th, 2018.

If I get accepted how will I be notified and how do I officially enter?

If you are accepted in the lottery you will automatically be charged the entry in full.   You will receive both a notification via email from the event and a payment confirmation from Active.  Once the lottery is over, instructions will be sent to every athlete for the pending information still needed – including emergency contact info, online waivers and all your race gear and t-shirt sizes.

I am a qualified athlete. Do I need an invite code to claim my guaranteed entry?

The event will contact you with the information to enter.  If you are on this list of athletes qualified into 2018 the event will contact you on March 11th will all the instructions. The race works with the most recent contact information available.

If you have not been contacted please contact the race at info@molokai2oahu.com.  There is no advantage to enter the first day or the last day of the registration window.

Can I defer my automatic qualified entry from 2018 into 2019? I can’t race this year due to an injury?

Entrants who officially qualified in 2018 for the race will not be able to defer their entry to the 2019 race.

I have a guaranteed spot in the race this year. How can I qualify this year for guaranteed qualifying into 2018? Will the standards be the same? When will I know?

The 2019 standards will be announced prior to the race start in 2018.   The event plans to stay with the same format but will want to review the process this year (2018) for any adjustments needed.   The event recognizes the unique demand for the race and will make adjustments based on improving the registration process.

If I get in the race solo but decide to go team can I change? And add a teammate?

All changes are subject to the approval of the race committee.  The athlete who gains entry in the race must be on the final team.  Entries are not transferable.    A lot of work was done to create the most balanced and fair registration process with the amount of entries allowed per category.

I have a guaranteed entry as a qualified athlete do I still need to enter the race?

Yes.  Qualified athletes must enter within the window for registration.  Unclaimed spots from all qualified athletes will no longer be guaranteed after the close of the registration window.   The window to register and pay for your qualified entry is March 11th at 8 am PST through March 26th, 11:59 PST. Once that window closes there will be no more entries accepted.

How did athletes qualify for the event? Is there a time qualification for the 2018 race? Will this also be considered for the 2019 race?

The time standard listed here is a benchmark for all athletes that have raced M2O.  If you have accomplished this time standard within the last 5 years of the race no additional race history will be necessary.

Criteria is based on percentage and depth of each category and discipline.

The solo overall categories allocated in 2018 from the 2017 race were based on the following criteria:

  • Top 3 overall men PB UL
  • Top 3 overall men PB STOCK
  • Top 5 overall men SUP UL
  • Top 3 overall men UP STOCK
  • Top 5 overall women SUP UL
  • Top 5 overall women in UL and STOCK PB

The solo age group spots allocated from 2017 race:

  • Age Group winner advanced from age groups with less than 3 participants
  • Age Group top 2  advanced from age groups with less than 5 participants
  • Age Group top 3  advanced from age groups with more than 6 participants

For all 2-person teams:

  • Overall 3 teams advanced
  • Top teams in each age group, mixed and women that were not in the top 3 overall

All athletes that have raced M2O for over 10 years

ALL overall winners in the event history that have met the M2O time standard.

For example,  If there are more than 10 guys entered in 2017 in the age 30-39 SOLO UL SUP, the event is prepared to qualify 3 athletes in that division to the 2018 event.   However, if the 3rd place athlete does not meet the time standard then he will not be offered a guaranteed entry into the race 2018.  If the winner of the 30-39 age group wins overall, the event will advance the next 3 spots in the age group.  This will be defined as a roll down.

I have a guaranteed entry but only see the option to apply for the drawing.

Please go to the http://www.molokai2oahu.com website and link to registration direct.  On the Active.com registration page there are options for both the Qualified entry and the Application for Open Entry.    All qualified athletes need a password.  All passwords will be sent out prior to the March 11th registration opening.

I qualified last year with my results and have guaranteed entry because I have raced more than 10 years. Can I extend an entry to a friend?

No.  An athlete who qualifies for a guaranteed entry can only be considered once, regardless of circumstances or the number of criteria that the athlete has met.

Do you accept entries from physically challenged athletes?

Athletes with a physical challenge who are interested in racing must enter the lottery and follow the standard registration protocol.  Athlete must provide extensive race history and background and contact race director for final review.  The race director can be reached at info@molokai2oahu.com