Board Transportation

Maui Board Transport

By boat – the Maui – Molokai ferry will not take boards.  There are several boats with racks that can take boards to Molokai.   Boards will need to be delivered on Friday before the race in Maui.  Please contact John (Johnny Mac) MaCandlis at 808 281 6285.  Johnny for reservation and pricing.  The boards shipped from Maui will be delivered to Kalua Koi on Saturday July 25.      To get you board from the dock to Kalua Koi please contact Clare at Molokai Outdoors.

If you are racing the Maui to Molokai race we do have the ability to store boards on Molokai for the race.

Please contact Clare for details.

Oahu Board Transport

1. There will not be a trailer shipped from Oahu to Molokai. It is recommended you send it on your escort boat. If your escort boat does not have the capabilities to transport your board safely, you can contact John Benson at, John Benson has boats that have the capability to transport your board to the race sight safely, co-ordination will have to be done by the Racers and Mr. Benson.

The other option is to load your board in a Young Brothers shared container and coordinate with Ms Clare Mawae, she can organize a shuttle for your board from the container in Molokai to the race start site.   FOR BOARD ONLY pick up you can reserve this service here

If any immediate questions Clare can be contacted at .

Below is the Young Brothers schedule 1 week leading up to the race.

1. Young Brothers on Molokai is not open on Friday, Saturday and Sundays

2. Two option days to load a container:

Option 1: Container needs to be loaded in Honolulu by Monday/July 2th0 by 3:30pm. Container will depart Honolulu on Tuesday/July 21st and will be ready to be unloaded on Thursday/July 25th(If it is not picked up, then the boards will not be available until Monday/July 27th)

Option 2: Container needs to be loaded in Honolulu by Friday/July 17th by 11am(Young Brothers closed early on Fridays) Container leaves on Sunday/July 19th and can be unloaded on Monday/July 20.

Cost should be no more than $55 per board. Paddlers are recommended to hang the boards from the upper hooks in the container. The container interior is 18ft 8in. Boards under 18′ should be cheaper than $55. Ms Clare Mawae will charge $15 to take your board out of the container and transport it to the race site on Molokai. The M20 Race Committee is not responsible for any damages resulting in the transport of your board to Molokai and the race site.  It is recommended that each Racer practices, “do diligence” when loading your boards onto a container, boat, trailer or vehicle.

If you need board transport to Molokai after this date please coordinate with your boat captain to transport  your board on their boat.  If you need additional assistance please contact

Molokai Outdoors info including race packages and Young Brothers pick up go to website:

877.553.4477 Toll Free     808-553-4477 Local

BY BOAT – If your escort boat will not take your board (most won’t) there are a few captains that can are set up to take boards.  These boats have racks so your board should be safe, but, if it is sun sensitive, it should be bagged.  The boards will usually be dropped off at the beach near the Kalua Koi on Saturday, so you need to be sure to arrange the meeting time with the captain.

Contact Fritz King at  808 291 1147 or

LJ Benson at or 808 306 4121 to confirm.


Oahu to Maui for the Maliko race.  Right now there are no definite plans to get boards to Maui from Oahu.  In past years the inter island barge service, Young Brothers used to subsidize trailers for sporting events, but, they have discontinued the program this year.  The cheapest option is to load your board on the Young Brothers container bound for Maui.  The containers have hooks so you can strap your board to the ceiling.  This costs approximately $110 one way.

Travel Information for Molokai

Please make sure you have your transportation sorted to Molokai.  The flights book fast!  Molokai-Outdoors is an official partner of the race and will be able to help with transportation for all athletes regardless if arriving by air or ferry from Maui.

Molokai Outdoors has set up an online shuttle reservation link to also assist with your shuttle needs upon arrival to Molokai.

Molokai Outdoors is a great resource for all your travel needs and adventures on Molokai Including Board transport.
877.553.4477 Toll Free     808-553-4477 Local

Rate guide as follows for reservations made in advance to arrival:

M2O full Race package   $45

  • Includes pickup from airport and taken to Hotel Molokai, Molokai Shores or house in town, shuttle fro dinner and also one shopping option on the way down from airport.

M20 race day Shuttles    $15

Event Airport Shuttles

  •  $10   Airport to Kaunakakai
  •  $11   Airport to Hotel Molokai
  •  $13   Airport to Kaluakoi


  • Costs include person.  Boards additional – Please inquire.
  • RACE MORNING Pickups to have athletes at the start by 6:30am.
  • Please leave boards at race start on Saturday.  Morning rides to race start preferably with no boards.

Shuttle for Boards to Kaluakoi on Saturday July 25th.  (Min 6 boards on trailer to leave earlier than Saturday.)

  •  $11   Board on trailer from Kaunakakai
  •  $13  Board on trailer from Kamalo
  • $30  Young Brother Pick up and Storage

Molokai Outdoors and Non Profit Youth in Motion are also offering activities for the paddlers that are not the typical activity you can book as a visitor. These are being offered to help with the educational process of understanding why the preservation, sustainability and cultural efforts are so important for Molokai. 

Molokai Cultural, Sustainable and Educational Activities with M2O

For 2015 we are trying an experiment to see if people would be keen to extend their stay before the M2O and after the Maui to Molokai Race. We have put on some unique Cultural, sustainable and educational activities that we hope will help paddlers understand Molokai more and realize the importance of the sustainable lifestyle that Molokai strives to maintain.

We hope that paddlers will take this opportunity to participate and learn more about our island.  The attached google doc is for any additional information requests.  Calendar below.–zNgmdCPZr_E8YA_oaYrM/viewform

Tuesday  July 21   

Molokai Land Trust,  planting and a $30 donation for going off the  beaten path. Check out their website if you want to get involved for the day.

Wa’akapae’mua Canoe Club will be doing  morning canoe paddles at 7am $25 donation

Wednesday  July 22   

Spend some time at a the Ali’i Fishpond with Ka Honua Momona and learn about their restoration project. Donations would be appreciated.

Thursday  July 23  

Mo’omomi with Mac Poepoe, an incredible opportunity to spend some time in Mo’omomi with Mac.

Donations would be appreciated.

Wa’akapae’mua Canoe Club will be doing  morning canoe paddles at 7am $25 donation

Friday July 24

Forest with the Nature Conservancy $10 minimum donation

Molokai Canoe Club Fundraiser with Mo Bettah at Paddlers Inn