Start List for 2017 Molokai2Oahu Paddleboard World Championships

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CategoryFirst NameLast NameDivisionGenderAgeCountryTEAM MEMBER 2TEAM MEMBER 3
PB 2-ManClarkAbbey2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 100+MALE56Hawaii, US
PB SoloMikeAbbottSolo: PB Stock Male 50+MALE58New Zealand
SUP SoloJohnAlexiouSolo: SUP Stock Male 50+MALE51California, US
SUP SoloMarkAlfaroSolo: SUP Stock Male 40-49MALE46California, US
PB SoloJoAmbrosiSolo: PB Stock Female OpenFEMALE45Australia
SUP SoloAnnabelAndersonSolo: SUP Unlimited Female OpenFEMALE36New Zealand
SUP SoloTakujiArakiSolo: SUP Stock Male 40-49MALE43Japan
SUP SoloArmieArmstrongSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 40-49MALE46New Zealand
SUP SoloBobArnotSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 60+MALE69Vermont, US
PB SoloJulianaBahr-ThomsonSolo: PB Unlimited Female OpenFEMALE29Australia
PB SoloPeterBalding IIISolo: PB Stock Male 29 & UnderMALE29Hawaii, US
SUP SoloTravisBaptisteSolo: SUP Stock Male 29 & UnderMALE20Hawaii, US
PB SoloJackBarkSolo: PB Stock Male 29 & UnderMALE23California, US
SUP SoloJustinBarrett-dickersonSolo: SUP Stock Male 30-39MALE38Michigan, US
SUP SoloConnorBaxterSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 29 & UMALE22Hawaii, US
SUP SoloMichaelBennettSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 50-59MALE51Hawaii, US
PB SoloMattBevilacquaSolo: PB Unlimited Male 29 & UnderMALE25Australia
SUP SoloTerreneBlackSolo: SUP Unlimited Female OpenFEMALE34Australia
SUP SoloDevinBlishSolo: SUP Unlimited Female OpenFEMALE49Hawaii, US
PB SoloJakeBrackenSolo: PB Stock Male 29 & UnderMALE25Australia
SUP SoloPatrickBroemmelSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 40-49MALE49Massachusetts, US
PB SoloHarrietBrownSolo: PB Stock Female OpenFEMALE27Australia
PB SoloAbbyBrownSolo: PB Stock Female OpenFEMALE19California, US
SUP SoloRachelBruntschSolo: SUP Unlimited Female OpenFEMALE33Hawaii, US
SUP SoloNiuhitiBuillardSolo: SUP Stock Male 29 & UnderMALE25French Polynesia
PB 2-ManKimoCambra2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 79 & UnderMALE37Seattle, USPeter Botz
PB SoloFosterCampbellSolo: PB Stock Male 29 & UnderMALE21California, US
PB SoloAndrewCarrollSolo: PB Stock Male 40-49MALE40Australia
SUP SoloJamesCaseySolo: SUP Unlimited Male 29 & UnderMALE25Australia
SUP SoloJeffreyChangSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 60+MALE60Hawaii, US
PB SoloMichaelCheapeSolo: PB Stock Male 50+MALE57Hawaii, US
PB 2-ManMarthaCheng2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Mixed OpenFEMALE37Hawaii, USChristian Welch
SUP SoloRicardoChiariSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 40-49MALE47Panama
PB SoloRyan

ClarkSolo: PB Stock Male 30-39MALE34Australia
SUP 2-ManLaraClaydon2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Female OpenFEMALE19Hawaii, USKali'a Alexiou
PB SoloCameronColeSolo: PB Unlimited Male 29 & UnderMALE29Australia
PB 2-ManBrendan Collopy2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 79 & UnderMALE38AustraliaLuke Collopy
PB SoloCameronCoghlanSolo: PB Stock Male 30-39MALE34Australia
PB SoloAlbanCornicSolo: PB Stock Male 40-49MALE47France
PB SoloAlexanderCrosbySolo: PB Stock Male 29 & UnderMALE27Australia
PB SoloHarrisonCrouchSolo: PB Unlimited Male 29 & UnderMALE18Australia
SUP SoloPeterde'AvilaSolo: SUP Stock Male 50+MALE53California, US
PB 3-ManCameronDelahunty3-Person Team: PB Male OpenMALE55AustraliaDuncan CorbettGreg Beer
SUP SoloLincolnDewsSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 29 & UMALE21Australia
PB 2-ManJosephDiasparra2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Mixed OpenMALE34California, USMarissa Kuiken
SUP SoloBelarDiazSolo: SUP Stock Male 30-39MALE39Spain
PB 2-ManMichaelDiBetta2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 79 & UnderMALE54AustraliaJackson Cosgrove
PB SoloEvanDuffin-BarnesSolo: PB Unlimited Male 30-39MALE31Hawaii, US
SUP SoloLudovicDulouSolo: SUP Stock Male 40-49MALE45France
SUP SoloGarethEdwardsSolo: SUP Stock Male 30-39MALE39Great Britain
SUP 2-ManRodneyEllis2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Mixed OpenMALE43California, USKristy Morris
PB SoloJoelErskineSolo: PB Stock Male 29 & UnderMALE22Australia
PB 2-ManFabianoFaria2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Mixed OpenMALE41BrazilLuiza Perin
SUP SoloBradFeldmanSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 60+MALE60Hawaii, US
SUP SoloFranckFifilsSolo: SUP Stock Male 40-49MALE42Guadeloupe
PB SoloKarenFigueroaSolo: PB Stock Female OpenFEMALE52Florida, US
PB 2-ManMaxFirst2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 79 & UnderMALE27California, USRobert Parucha
PB SoloWilliam
FogartySolo: PB Stock Male 29 & UnderMALE26Australia
SUP 3-ManScottyFong3-Person Team: SUP Mixed OpenMALE36Hawaii, USBonga PerkinsVeronica Perkins
PB SoloNicholasFoxSolo: PB Stock Male 29 & UnderMALE26Australia
PB SoloNicholasFrancoSolo: PB Unlimited Male 30-39MALE34California, US
PB SoloRochFreySolo: PB Unlimited Male 50+MALE50California, US
PB 3-ManRonGallemore3-Person Team: PB Male OpenMALE52California, USJonathan JonesNeil Drinkward
PB 2-ManSmileyGarcia2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Mixed Open
MALE40California, USLia Trebilcock
PB 2-ManBradGaul2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 79 & UnderMALE38Hawaii, USKendrick Louis
SUP 2-ManRobGittoes2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Male 79 & UnderMALE52AustraliaMark Buchanon
SUP 2-ManJayGomez2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Male 80-99MALE40California, USDave Waynar
SUP SoloTravisGrantSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 30-39MALE34Australia
PB SoloCarterGravesSolo: PB Stock Female OpenFEMALE25California, US
PB SoloDanielGrothuesSolo: PB Stock Male 29 & UnderMALE27New Jersey, US
SUP SoloJoanneHamilton-valeSolo: SUP Stock Female OpenFEMALE50Great Britain
SUP SoloDanaHartSolo: SUP Stock Male 40-49MALE49Florida, US
PB SoloDaneHeaysmanSolo: PB Stock Male 30-39MALE37Australia
PB SoloJacobHelsonSolo: PB Unlimited Male 29 & UnderMALE25Australia
PB SoloJohnHicksSolo: PB Stock Male 50+MALE51Hawaii, US
PB 2-ManGavinHill2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 100+MALE55AustraliaBrian Bayliss
SUP SoloMorganHoestereySolo: SUP Stock Female OpenFEMALE36Irvine, US
PB 2-ManLockwoodHolmes2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 79 & UnderMALE34California, USRyan Addison
SUP SoloSonjaHonscheidSolo: SUP Unlimited Female OpenFEMALE36Germany
SUP SolokevinhorganSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 50-59MALE52Hawaii, US
PB 2-ManTomHorton2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 80-99MALE58California, USCole Horton
SUP SoloHaakonHoyer-NielsenSolo: SUP Stock Male 29 & UnderMALE17California, US
SUP SoloChrisHuerbschSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 30-39MALE35Panama
SUP 3-ManMarkHuxley3-Person Team: SUP Male OpenMALE46AustraliaPhil GregoryRalf Sifford
PB Solo
Joshua JacksonSolo: PB Stock Male 30-39MALE36Hawaii, US
PB 2-ManMikeJackson2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 80-99MALE58California, USjohn marcovici
SUP 2-ManBrianJefferys2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Male 100+MALE56AustraliaAndrew Elliott
SUP 3-ManHeatherJeppesen3-Person Team: SUP Mixed OpenFEMALE44Hawaii, USBeau OlivieraHerbie Titcomb
SUP SoloPaulJonesSolo: SUP Stock Male 40-49MALE44Australia
SUP 2-ManAndersJonsson2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Male 79 & UnderMALE37Hawaii, USJoseph Cerdas
SUP SoloAlyssaJoySolo: SUP Unlimited Female OpenFEMALE48Hawaii, US
SUP SoloTyJudsonSolo: SUP Stock Male 29 & UnderMALE17Australia
SUP 2-ManPhilipKai Binney2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Male 79 & UnderMALE54Hawaii, USKai Binney
SUP 3-ManJennyKalmbach3-Person Team: SUP Mixed OpenFEMALE34Hawaii, USDavid DarbyshireGreg Welch
PB SoloDavidKalwickSolo: PB Stock Male 50+MALE55Hawaii, US
SUP SoloRobKavcicSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 30-39MALE37Canada
PB 2-ManSimonKealley2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Mixed OpenMALE42AustraliaAlice Henley
SUP SoloCristyKelsoSolo: SUP Unlimited Female OpenFEMALE34Panama
SUP SoloKodyKerboxSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 29 & UMALE23Hawaii, US
SUP SoloBuzzyKerboxSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 60+MALE60Hawaii, US
SUP 2-ManPatrickKlemawesch2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Male 100+MALE41Florida, USStephen Klemawesch
SUP SoloJamesKnowlesSolo: SUP Stock Male 30-39MALE38Australia
PB 2-ManRobinLang2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Female OpenFEMALE29Virginia, USBronte Hartland
PB SoloLachieLansdownSolo: PB Stock Male 29 & UnderMALE21Australia
SUP 2-ManJenniferLee2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Mixed OpenFEMALE36Hawaii, USTyler Jaggers
SUP SoloKaiLennySolo: SUP Unlimited Male 29 & UMALE24Hawaii, US
SUP SoloAndrewLogrecoSolo: SUP Stock Male 30-39MALE32Hawaii, US
PB SoloWesleyLonerganSolo: PB Stock Male 30-39MALE37Australia
PB SoloJohanLooSolo: PB Stock Male 30-39MALE35Hawaii, US
PB SoloGeorgeLorenSolo: PB Unlimited Male 40-49MALE48California, US
PB SoloDeonLourensSolo: PB Stock Male 50+MALE51California, US
PB SoloSamMackieSolo: PB Stock Male 30-39MALE30Hawaii, US
PB SoloTufferMarsolekSolo: PB Stock Male 30-39MALE35California, US
SUP SoloJamesMartindaleSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 40-49MALE44Hawaii, US
SUP SoloVinniciusMartinsSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 29 & UMALE21Brazil
SUP SoloNaokiMarutaniSolo: SUP Stock Male 40-49MALE43Japan
SUP SoloKosukeMatsuyamaSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 30-39MALE37Japan
SUP 2-ManAlexMawae2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Male 79 & UnderMALE20Hawaii, USSlater Fleck
PB SoloDanielleMckenzieSolo: PB Unlimited Female OpenFEMALE22New Zealand
PB SoloStewartMclachlanSolo: PB Stock Male 29 & UnderMALE29Australia
SUP SoloLeeMcLeanSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 30-39MALE35Australia
SUP SoloScottMcPhailSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 50-59MALE55Hawaii, US
SUP 3-ManDavidMello3-Person Team: SUP Male OpenMALE42South Carolina, USJeremy WhittedJustin Schaay
SUP SoloAndrewMencinskySolo: SUP Stock Male 50+MALE50California, US
PB SoloJordanMercerSolo: PB Unlimited Female OpenFEMALE23Australia
PB 2-ManAlexanderMerrill2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 79 & UnderMALE25California, USCanon Smith
PB SoloDanMichalukSolo: PB Stock Male 40-49MALE45Canada
SUP SoloAndreaMollerSolo: SUP Unlimited Female OpenFEMALE37Brazil
PB 3-ManLaurent Morel3-Person Team: PB Male OpenMALE40Reunion Island, FRNicolas Garcon
Frederic Leal-Brotons
SUP 3-ManHobeyMoss3-Person Team: SUP Male OpenMALE14Hawaii, USJeffrey SpencerAlexandre Bicrel
SUP SoloTomoyasuMurabayashiSolo: SUP Stock Male 30-39MALE39Japan
SUP SoloYoshiakiNagamatsuSolo: SUP Stock Male 40-49MALE41Japan
PB 2-ManShunNishiyama2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 79 & UnderMALE29JapanMasanobu Aoki
PB SoloDJO'BrienSolo: PB Stock Female OpenFEMALE51California, US
PB SoloCoreyOliverSolo: PB Stock Male 40-49MALE40Australia
SUP SoloDanielParres PuertoSolo: SUP Stock Male 40-49MALE49Spain
PB 2-ManJoshPederson2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 79 & UnderMALE42California, USJosh Ryan
PB SoloLauraPettigrewSolo: PB Unlimited Female OpenFEMALE18Australia
PB 2-ManHunterPflueger2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 80-99MALE18Hawaii, USMatt Delahunty
PB SoloGeorgePlsekSolo: PB Unlimited Male 40-49MALE48California, US
PB SoloMattPooleSolo: PB Unlimited Male 29 & UnderMALE29Australia
PB SoloMichaelPorraSolo: PB Unlimited Male 50+MALE57California, US
SUP 2-ManLisettePrado2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Mixed OpenFEMALE30EcuadorCarlo Prado
SUP 3-ManStephenPugh3-Person Team: SUP Mixed OpenMALE60California, USShanna UptonJeramie Vaine
SUP SoloTitouanPuyoSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 29 & UMALE26New Caledonia
SUP SoloAdamQuandtSolo: SUP Stock Male 40-49MALE40Virgin Islands
PB SoloRyanQuickSolo: PB Unlimited Male 30-39MALE35Australia
SUP SoloJorgeQuintanaSolo: SUP Stock Male 30-39MALE34Puerto Rico
PB SoloAndrewReidSolo: PB Stock Male 30-39MALE38Australia
SUP SoloJoshRiccioSolo: SUP Stock Male 29 & UnderMALE28Florida, US
PB SoloStevenRobertsSolo: PB Stock Male 40-49MALE48Australia
PB SoloMarcRocheleauSolo: PB Unlimited Male 30-39MALE36Hawaii, US
PB 2-ManJohnRomyn2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 80-99MALE43AustraliaTroy Ham
PB SoloMattSackSolo: PB Stock Male 40-49MALE47Hawaii, US
PB SoloVaughanSauverainSolo: PB Unlimited Male 30-39MALE34Australia
SUP SoloNicoSchenkSolo: SUP Stock Male 29 & UnderMALE29Switzerland
SUP SoloWilsonSchmidtSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 30-39MALE37California, US
SUP SoloSiriSchubertSolo: SUP Stock Female OpenFEMALE48Switzerland
PB 2-ManMarkSchulbach2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 80-99MALE44California, USBill Kemble
SUP 2-ManMichiSchweiger2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Male 79 & UnderMALE46Hawaii, USBernd Roediger
SUP 2-ManRussScully2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Male 80-99MALE48Vermont, USChuck Patterson
PB SoloDanielShadeSolo: PB Unlimited Male 30-39MALE34Australia
PB SoloPatrickShaughnessySolo: PB Unlimited Male 29 & UnderMALE26California, US
SUP SoloKiyomiSheppardSolo: SUP Unlimited Female OpenFEMALE44Japan
PB SoloSteveShlensSolo: PB Stock Male 40-49MALE46California, US
SUP 2-ManRiggsSilva2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Male 79 & UnderMALE22Hawaii, USShawn Wolff
PB SoloJonathanSkolnickSolo: PB Stock Male 30-39MALE30New Jersey, US
PB SoloKyleSmithSolo: PB Stock Male 30-39MALE34California, US
PB SoloJasmineSmithSolo: PB Stock Female OpenFEMALE20New Zealand
PB SoloMarkSpagnuoloSolo: PB Unlimited Male 30-39MALE32New Jersey, US
SUP SoloJimmySpithillSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 30-39MALE38Australia
SUP SoloRobertStehlikSolo: SUP Stock Male 40-49MALE49Hawaii, US
SUP SoloJasonStephensSolo: SUP Stock Male 40-49MALE49Hawaii, US
SUP SoloTerryStevensSolo: SUP Stock Male 50+MALE51Virgin Islands
PB SoloHarrisonStoneSolo: PB Stock Male 29 & UnderMALE19Australia
PB SoloTom PohakuStoneSolo: PB Unlimited Male 50+MALE66Hawaii, US
SUP SoloPenelopeStricklandSolo: SUP Stock Female OpenFEMALE38New Zealand
PB 3-ManJockSutherland3-Person Team: PB Male OpenMALE68Hawaii, USGavin SutherlandDylan Portillo
SUP 2-ManBrianSzymanski2-Person Team: SUP Stock 14' Male 100+MALE49California, USMatt Frie
PB SoloKellyTam singSolo: PB Stock Male 40-49MALE46Hawaii, US
SUP SoloAkosTamasSolo: SUP Stock Male 30-39MALE37Hungary
SUP SoloMarcusTardrewSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 30-39MALE39Australia
PB 2-ManBillTaylor2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 100+MALE48Hawaii, USPatrick Wong
SUP SoloWillTaylorSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 30-39MALE30California, US
SUP 3-ManBrettThomas3-Person Team: SUP Male Open
MALE53Hawaii, USLeighton Lam
John Morgan
PB 2-ManBlairThorndike2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 100+MALE54Hawaii, USZadoc Brown III
PB 2-ManGoviTillotson2-Person Team: PB Stock 12' Male 79 & UnderMALE28Hawaii, USShankar Tillotson
SUP SoloIvanTrentSolo: SUP Stock Male 50+MALE59Virginia, US
SUP SoloChikaraTsumuraSolo: SUP Unlimited Male 60+MALE64Japan
SUP SoloJohnWalshSolo: SUP Stock Male 40-49MALE41California, US
PB SoloLizzieWelbornSolo: PB Unlimited Female OpenFEMALE18Australia
PB SoloPatrickWinklerSolo: PB Unlimited Male 30-39MALE39Brazil
SUP SoloCraigWinnettSolo: SUP Stock Male 50+MALE51Singapore
SUP SoloTomoeYasuSolo: SUP Unlimited Female OpenFEMALE50Japan